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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by kngfsh80, Jul 15, 2010.

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    I have a '99 FXSTC. I had it running back in April so I could get it inspected. Got busy and it has been sitting since with the battery maintainer connected to it. Tried to start it today and on the first hit it just tapped the starter and then everything went dim. The battery seems to be fully charged, but when I press the starter button it will drop in half.
    It almost appears the battery may have a short. It is just over five years old. I am also thinking that maybe the maintainer may have done it in.
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  2. HDDon

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    5 yrs is pretty impressive considering where the battery is located. What type of charger are you using? I'd say you got your $$ worth out of this one time to get another, and I think if I were you i would get the same brand.
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    Even if your charger was not working and the battery was just run down, I would get a new one. There's no point putting your perfectly good regulator & stator at risk in order to squeeze every last drop out of a battery. Absolute tops, 4 years is all I would ask from a battery.
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    Thanks for the replies. I am getting a new battery today. The old one is a no name I got from J & P. The charger/maintainer is a 750mA also from J & P.
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    before you install the new fully charged battery - make sure the other ends of the cables are clean and tight also.

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    I saw a Gel battery at the HD shop yesterday ON Sale Haw, 139$ for the big amp one...

    I had the Stock battery that came on my 97 FXDS,,, It was a Gel that year... Sold that bike to a friend and discounted for the battery as being ready to go attitude....
    It lasted him with NO problems a full 2 more years,,, 5 total.. Now that is a good battery...

    I never got that good (lucky) again, and in my 06 sport, it had to have a battery replaced at the ready to go service door when i picked it up the bike bran-New... Plus, Two more to now,,, that is unusual 4 batteries not good.

    Hope your new one Last as long as the old one did..... I have only bought the harley replacement ones.