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Annual Heritage Motorcycle Rally Charleston, SC


Heritage Rally takes place during Bike Week Charleston. They are expecting this to become on of the biggest bike weeks around mostly due to the helmet law being non-existent in SC. Has anyone attended this event?
I went last year and it was pretty cool. It was nice to ride around for a little while without the helmet. I wouldn't do it often but I might go back just for that!
You guys have fun is all I can say, won't be traveling that far and especially to not waer my helmet. Its a law here so don't really think about it that much.
I used to live in SC and that was the one thing I loved about the state. I didn't ride often with my helmet but when I did it seemed more freeing.
I do not think i could ride without a helmet, had a friend that ended up in a vegetative state from a head injury and he was wearing a helmet. I am just not comfortable taking that kind of risk after seeing what he went through.
I have never been there. But I have a friend who is planning to ride there next year and has asked me if I would like to jion him. I am considering it, but it will be a very long ride. Will it be worth it? I am guessing yes. It would be a long 2 day ride. I think I might go to Daytona instead.
3 miles from my house. its a great time. Charleston area has some really cool rides through historical areas plantations and such and some good coastal trips you can take. Its definatly getting bigger every year, cant wait to get home and take part in it:) If ya go you will have a great time im sure :s