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Anna Nicole Smith's Son Dead at 20

What did you all think about Anna Nicole's sons death? I really think that there had to be some drugs involved. A young man that is in good health otherwise usually will not die of a heart attack unless they are on drugs or had been.
I don't know what to think, and the whole situation is quite sad actually, I really feel for her, could you imagine losing your first child right after the birth of your second?
That would have been very traumatic. I remember a father who loses his two children on different occ***ions and the second loss affected him very deeply. He keep on crying even on public view. I can only feel the pain he's been through.
I am just surprised from what I have read about it that they are having a hard time determining what the cause of death really was?? I thought that with today's technology that things like this would not be so hard. None the less it is a very sad situation and I hope that Anna Nicole can get past her grief.
To a lose a beloved unexpectedly is traumatic. Aside from being painful the sudden demise can be very difficult for a loved one to accept. It is better that you know the person is ill so you can prepare for the eventuality.
That is really sad, I don't know how I would be able to deal with something like that. I really feel for her, she does'nt seem to stable anyways. I heard she hire the one team that did Elvis and that child stary Jon Bene Ramsy??spelling?? nyways, to do another autopsy to see can they determine what really happened.
that was real sad I hope she can get some closure and real soon.I had a friend that died like that at 15, was hard on the family and everyone at school.
I read somewhere yesterday that what killed her son was a leathal combination of medications. He was on methadone, lexapro, and another anti-depressant. The other thing that I read is that the father of the new baby has stepped forward, it is her lawyer Howard K. Stern!
I have read the same thing. And then today I was breezing over my homepage and it said that Anna Nicole and her Lawyer got married, even before the funeral? Can you belive that? I think that I would have waited a little and not done anything during my grief period.
I did see that Anna Nicole got married and I was also taken back a bit by it. I know that she needs to move on with her life but I think that it was way too soon to get married. I hope that she finds hapiness but also realizes how bad this looks in the public eye.