Andrews EV13 noise

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Sport40, May 8, 2013.

  1. Sport40

    Sport40 Member

    I have a 1998 FLHR.
    I replaced my stock camshaft for an EV13.
    The engine run very well but the rocker box is more noisy...
    What do you think ?
    Is it normal ?
    Thank you.
  2. HDDon

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    Did you also install adjustable pushrods or keep the stock ones? Just a question, why did you choose the EV13? In my opinion the EV27 is better suited for a heavier bike. That is just ones mans opinion though. How many miles are on the bike?
  3. SledDog

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    I have an EV13 also. Makes good power and runs great. I also have some noise. I have Andrews adjustable push rods and with them correctly adjusted there is more noise then stock.

    After doing the research this cam was a better choice than a 27 for what I wanted.

    I feel what your are hearing is normal for the setup. Just make sure your push rods are adjusted correctly. I also have a little gear whine, but not much.

    My setup was done by Carl's Speed Shop in Daytona Beach. Carl did the work himself. It was interesting to watch him. He holds or held many motorcycle speed records. He also replaced the stock cam bearing with a Timken, did a carb tune and test road it himself. I asked why he was going to do the work and not on of his techs, he said it was a slow day and he wanted to do something he enjoys.
  4. Sport40

    Sport40 Member

    Thank you for your answers.
    My bike have 81000 miles.
    I installed four adjustable pushrods (Crane timeSaver) but the noise
    still present.
    I make the Crane procedure, Zero lash then 3 turns more.
    But after 15 minutes I cannot rotate pushrods by hand :(
    Have I to wait longer ?
  5. 89stroker

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    Did you replace the lifters as well? I just did a cam change as well only I used an EV27. I changed my lifters and installed adjustable push rods and my top end is quieter than when it was stock.
  6. Sport40

    Sport40 Member

    Yes the lifters are news.

    This morning I had make a new setting.

    I waited 2 hours and then I could turn by hand the rear cylinder pushrods :57:

    Now I adjust the front cylinder pushrods.
    Appointment in two hours :reyes

    Crane procedure said 15 minutes not 2 hours, is it worrying ?