And one day the axe just fell...............

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Fisher, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Fisher

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    Well four of us got the axe yesterday.The two highest experienced guys in the shop and the wrecked bike crew.Well at least I can apply for unemployment via the 'net now and don't have to sit in that nasty place all day.damn!
  2. Clint

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    Sorry to hear that!

    I suppose it's a corporate move to save money and increase bonuses for management!:bigsmiley29:

    We had our big cut a few years ago and have since suffered more and more cuts. I'm the last experienced man in my department and they've cut the scale pay grade back by $4 an hr. Fortunately for me, all they did was freeze my wage and didn't put me down in the scale. It makes me nervous though knowing that they are paying me more than they think I'm worth!
  3. Fisher

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    The service manager sees only numbers.And the numbers he sees will be comebacks and dwindling customers.These words are straight from a customer.

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    Sadly, layoffs in a downturn is not very fair or logical (though Corporate likes to think so). Kinda fits the mold that the Big 3 Corporate guys went to Washington to cry poor in their Corporate jets (they have 5 to 7 of 'em) and AIG that got the bail-out STILL HAS 7 (though they are "thinking 'bout selling off 2 of ' nice!).
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  5. Twisted Grip

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    I hate to hear that. Unfortunately it is being echoed in every industry right now and it will only get worse.
    I had to let 3 of my techs go in the past couple of weeks, I hated to do it, lost sleep but the word came down to me from the boss's and I had to follow orders.
    I will say they were nicely compensated with a months pay and a weeks pay for every year employeed with us. I would hire them back in a hart beat if this mess would turn around.
    Again, sorry to hear that.
  6. glider

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    Sorry to hear about the layoff. These dealers should evaluate their personnel before considering anything like what happened to you first and let the inexperienced go first and keep the ones that get the work done and without comebacks too. That is the major thing in any business are the comebacks, the profit goes right out the door then.

    Things are real bad in the job markets now, my daughter just got laid off after 8 years as the head of her department but there will be a turn around soon I hope and some jobs will be opening up again for the better employees.

    Keep on keeping on and something will come your way, maybe even better then you had before too.

    Good luck!
  7. Fisher

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    I may be leaving the bike biz and returning to being a machinist.Boring but stable.And there's plenty of openings.Even now.
  8. harleybodei

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    That sucks Fisher....
    I am sure it will sort itself out...
  9. gs34

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    Sorry to hear you got axed Fisher. If you have machinest papers though, you may be in good shape.
    Good luck. Thankfully, they can take your job, but they can't take your skills or your knowledge. None of the trades can get enough qualified people so, even with the downturn, there are jobs in many areas.
  10. gadzooks

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    Good luck Fisher. It sucks -- sometimes they layoff the experienced folks just to get rid of the higher salary, and they don't think about all of that experience they are losing. That's the way they do it where I work -- they layoff people at one pay rate, then hire a replacement at a lower pay rate and say that they "reclassified" the job. What a bunch of bull.