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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Shellback, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Shellback

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    I have a stock 09 Ultra Classic. I would like to change the pipes to get a little more low Harley rumble but don't wont anything too loud, I like my music. I'm thinking about buying the American Custom slip on bombers with the mid range baffles. The price is good and I like the looks of them. I checked this site and didn't find any recent threads on these pipes. They are relatively new to the market and would appreciate any comments members may have, good bad or indifferent. How do they sound, any improvement in performance, do they run cooler, is it a reputable company, etc?
  2. hammerhead pat

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    I have the exact mufflers your are thinking about on my 2011 FLHR. I love 'em!!. Just a little louder than stock, nice low background music while cruising. Before I gutted my headpipe, the sound was perfect, but freeing up the exhaust obviously is gonna be a tad louder, but not that much. The fact that you can send your original pipes back for $80 refund doesn't hurt either.
    Just remember, your original pipes have to be in nearly perfect condition for the refund.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I would be extremely hesitant to do this just to save $80. It seems like another city passes noise ordinances or inspections every week. There may come a day where you will want to put those stock pipes back on.
  4. kemo

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    I agree with the Dr. if you have to put factory mufflers back on someday, it will cost you more then $80.
  5. hammerhead pat

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    Really????? In this economy do you see your local gov't opening a couple of emission testing centers in every county? Here in Fl. we haven't had any type of testing in ages and don't see it coming anytime soon.Don't know about where you live, but testing isn't even a thought!
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    I'm a county mounty in my state, we have, as far as my 21 years so far goes, never inspected a motorcycle's exhaust to check for the baffle thingy. I can definitely see it as in issue in Califronia or other big city areas with high levels of pollution (air and noise) as a constant problem. With all the clean air acts on the horizon, maybe the day is coming, but I don't see it in our near or distant future.
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    OK...time to reel this one back in & get to OP's questions. Personally I don't own a set of these pipes, but have researched good reviews & happy riders/owners. Seems like a very well made/quality set of pipes & you can choose how much rumble. Probably not much added performance w/pipe swap only...unless you add air/breather & tuner which would also reduce some heat generation (tune-out lean factory mix). I'd say they're reputable & their pipes are backed w/100% satisfaction so might be time to drop them a dime.

    FYI, another decent set of pipes are "wild pigs" - might want to give tham a looksee too: Home

    Good luck & keep us posted on your exhaust search.
  8. Mongo1958

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    Yeah, I remember that in Miami, Fla back in the late 70's when my bike had to go though an inspection. It could all come back. The MC only stops here in GA could be a fact finding method to gather info on whether full blow inspection stations would be warranted. When the Gov is involved, anything could happen.


    For the pice, it would be hard to go wrong. You know they will fit cuz they were made from HD. Plus, you will still have all the Gov warning and EPA stuff on them so if you are stopped for an inspection you should be good to go.

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  9. the draggin

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    I had my mufflers replaced after the crash and I believe the Americans were used. At first I didn't think the sounded quite as good as my SE set but after I ran them in they sounded better and the performance wasn't upset at all. I have an EVO 80 plus EV-27 cam and ported heads and 9.5 pistons with a Dobeck tuner and like I said I needed no adjustments. Plug and play
  10. kokeman857

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    I saw the add on these and called tech support. They assured me that the headers you can buy are typically the same as stock, and you reinstall all the oxygen sensors etc. With the newer bikes (2011 road glide ultra) installing there header that has cat removed, and the bomber mufflers nothing has to be done because the computer will readjust. He did say that if you install a different breather than stock, you would than need to at least do the download for the computer.