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American Chopper

What do you all think of American Chopper? I really liked it when it first came out, I watched it all the time. Now I am really sick of it. It's always the same arguing and crap. I do like to see what goes into the bikes and how they turn out at the end. And I really like the painter they use, he has a great ability!

Love the bikes, not the show.
I like to see the bikes but the show just plain annoys me. I do not need to turn on the television to see dysfunction, this world is full of it! I would have to agree I love the bikes, but could care less about the show.
Since I work overnights during the week I tape every episode on my Tivo and watch it on the weekends - same with Biker Build Off. But I have to agree - it gets annoying at times - same old arguements. I too like Biker Build Off better.
We have place her in Columbus Ohio called the skunk works they build custom bikes as well. The onwner met the guy from amchop and said he was loud mouth jerk.
Gday all,

Yeah me too... I use to love it, but its become too much of the same thing. Biker build off is better!

I also dont like all the destruction.

You know, although they have probably earned their fame & fortune the way they carry on... its a bit like feeding strawberries to pigs...

I think that Vinnnie & Rick have most of the nouce, & would probably do allright on their own.

I am also tried of all the griping. They need to consentrate on building the bikes. If I wanted to listen to argueing, i would talk to my wife.
I am just wondering why they have not been invited to go on the build off shows. Possibly to much ego's.
anyone can make a bike out of a catalogue. thats not real bike buildingthey should take a look at what some of the swedes and german builders produce(not forgeting we have some great builders here in the uk) my fav. programme of this type was southern steel . gary woodford now there was a bike builder.(god rest his soul).