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    Amercade weekend starts today here in Lake Geore,NY. Just a heads up, our finest are giving tix for illegal helmets and exhaust. My good source, a trooper, told me if your pipes are not stock you get a ticket. I belive they are pulling all bikes on I87 between exit 17 and 18 going north. Just a heads up guys and gals. Have fun if you are coming up.
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    I never had a problem an exhaust being legal till NOW.

    I bought my ride with no baffles.


    How would the cops (USA) determine that the pipes are not legal.

    Do they need a DB meter to determine noise or do they just say they are to noisy b4 they give you a ticket.

    What else determines pipes not legal.
  3. prolly any thing that is aftermarket or NOT stock. If it dont say HD on the pipes they prolly give you a ticket.
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    I know what you are saying. The gov't in the US and probaly any country are telling us everything we can do and not do. Wear a helmet, wear a seat belt,can't smoke here. So I hear they do not need a meter just a visual. Pretty soon they will tell ya when you can go to the head. It's bull(edit)
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