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    Has anyone used the roadside assistance provided by the AMA? I've been a AAA member for years but to cover all my vehicles including bike it would cost $140/year with AAA, AMA offers pretty much same deal for $35/year. Any and all comments or recomendations appriacited
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    Buddy of mine tried to use MOTOW this past Saturday. We were 65 miles from his home. They told him, they'd tow his bike 30 miles, for free, then charge him per mile afterwards. Being late Saturday afternoon, he was outta luck, any dealership would be closed, and if his bike was delivered to one, it would sit outside, until Tuesday morning.
    Guy stopped for gas, and talked to my buddy a while, and then offered to get his trailer, and haul the bike the 65 miles..... for FREE....

    It's worth reading the "fine print" check out your insurance company also, for towing.

    There are a lot of options.... but they all have limits
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    I had a flat tire on a saturday afternoon a while back... i had "towing" through my insurance co. Called them they called every towing company arount the area... no one would touch my new bike. Ended up getting a trailer and hauling it myself... what a pain. You don't always get what you pay for... i guess. (that was through all-state) but most of the companies they/we called were AAA as well.
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    About 15 years ago I worked for the NAL (National Auto League).

    If you do have AMA, just give them a quick call to verify what coverages you do have. They do vary depending on what you bought.

    Time has likely changed a bit since but, even though you may have road side assistance coverage for motorcycles, there are limits and restrictions.

    IIRC, the vehicle must be towed to the closest qualified (determined by the AMA,not you) repair facility. You may prefer dealer X, but if dealer Z is closer, they will insist on the closer repair shop or you're on the hook for the tow. But don't let that discourage you. You can still submit the expense for reinbursement. They will pay for the portion of the tow they would have originally offerred.

    And yes, some areas of the country don't have service providers qualified to tow motorcycles. However, they (the AMA) should be able to find someone that can help out in pinch. They just might not be contracted with the AMA for the service so, you'll have to pay and submit for reinbursement as well.

    Also, if you are travelling on a Sunday or holiday and out of town, you could be eligable for hotel reinbursement until the next business day. Definitly ask for details on this.

    Lastly, they will discourage towing you home. They are instructed to tow you to a repair shop even if it's closed for the next day or two. If it's closed, you can insist on having it towed to the nearest sercured area even if that is home. However, the second tow to the shop won't be coverred.

    Again, this was like 15 years ago. With cost control, a lot can change since then.

    It's not a bad piece of mind purchase but, like anything it does have it's limits.
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    AAA with the RV plus gets my vote too. They've schlepped me and my bike twice in the past. One of the times was 75 miles to the nearest dealer with no questions asked. Both times they found and operator with experience hauling bikes as well.
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    Thanks for the info guys, I've only ever used AAA once in all the years I've had it but was very well satisfied with their service that one time. I do like the fact that they will tow alot more miles for free, just thought they were getting a little pricey for their service. Guess it goes back to you get what you pay for. Thanks again

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    Believe me ANY roadside assistance package that WORKS is a good thing...had a breakdown, tow to nearest HD dealer was 60 miles and cost $ the price of the parts and lost time on the road...only good thing was it did not happen at night in SoCal traffic whizzing by at 75+...pitch black conditions on a moonless night and co-rider out back, now that would be scary. I now have AAA w/ RV Motorcycle package, cell phone, tool bag w/ road side "necessaries" in case response is not fast enough...
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    just got towed yesterday with AAA RV plus. A1 service as usual. Great insurance to have when you,re in the middle of nowhere. Used them 4 times now over the years.