Am I being to hard on my bike?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by GimmeFuel, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. GimmeFuel

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    I try to baby my fat boy. I let it warm up until I feel that the top of the rear jug is plenty warm. I keep the RPMs low for the first few miles to allow for further warming up. Also, I granny shift pretty much all the time.

    However, I've been known to open up the throttle. Obviously, the harder the engine works, the more likely it is to break down (given enough miles). I'm just being paranoid and want to do everything reasonable that I can to ensure the long life of the bike. I already know about changing the fluid in the bike, but what else?

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    You're being MUCH kinder on your bike than most! As a long time mechanic, and builder of many High Performance engines, I can say that you are a rare breed! I can only hope your efforts result in MANY more miles of smiles! Enjoy!:D
  3. marcus22

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    Are your being hard on your bike? no. all things with moving components will break with time. as long as you are keeping up on the maintance i would ride the way you feel the best. isnt the enjoyment of riding the reason we ride?
  4. Hoople

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    There is a difference between pointless abuse and riding the bike the way you feel like riding it. I have lots of fun with my bike. When a light turns Green I am gone. There is no point in being a Granny to preserve the bike for the next guy. Do I redline each gear because it's fun,, of course not. Am I careful about overheating the engine? Always. Be aware and make it a habit to listen for engine pre-ignition and knock and DO something about should you hear it.

    I went through a rear Dunlop tire in 8K miles without abusing my engine one bit. Use common sense and Enjoy your ride.. :)
  5. LarryC08

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    From talking to Harley mechanics and reading on this forum, I have learned that a Harley engine is sorta an industrial engine. It will handle abuse to a point, as long as it is properly maintained. Service it often and you shouldn't have any issues. Sounds like you ride your, like I ride mine... Just remember, if its not waring in, its waring out!!!:D
  6. Iceman24

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    Agree w/Hoople...there's one thing about running your scoot to tolerable/unexcessive limits & another about "wide open" shenannagans. Unless you're a drag racer w/loads of sponsor $$$ - have some fun (hey, it's a Harley), but don't overstress. Anything you ID'd doesn't sound like it's excessive.
  7. Mad Dog Jim

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    I think there is a balance between riding it like you stole it, and riding it like you want it like new in 20 years... For me I ride like I am taking a test until the first 1,000 mile service. Then ride it like I want to from then out. Seems like most machine, not just bikes, tend to adapt to their "normal" operation and tend to last a long time if you keep it that way. Its when you baby them then only once in a while try to get them to do tricks that you run into trouble. Harleys have a built in abuse indicator. If you are going through belts,,, probaly riding too hard. If you are bored,,, probably not pushing it hard enough.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Enjoy your bike, you paid for it and when it breaks you will pay to fix it. We all have break downs that is not going to change. with a HD manual and The Forum you are covered:s
  9. GimmeFuel

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    What is engine pre-ignition?

    Thanks to everybody for all the input.
  10. Bud White

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    if your lugging it your being hard one it pre ignition is call detonation or pinging and its bad