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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by rustybob, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Ive recently sort of inherited what i believe to be a 1971 Harley Davidson XLCH1000 sportster bike. I believe this because the first two digits of the VIN are 4A and the last two are H1, and on the markings of the bike there is a orange and black shield with the American Iron logo on it..
    This bike has last been on the road circa 1982 and it sat in a locked trailer for over 11 years. This is my first bike and Im figuring it will be a decent winter project.
    Does anyone have . Any ideas on good books or videos to purchase and have handy as I begin to try to get this thing running?
    I do like fooling with older trucks and im familiar with sources for parts for those vehicles.. is there a couple of good reputable parts dealers for these kinds of older bikes?

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    You're correct on the vin ID, at least according to my manual. Bike looks good to me. A year ago I took my Sportster out of (10yr) storage and it looks like you have the same oil cooler as I do. I had an over heating issue and had to disconnect the oil lines in front to confirm oil flow and after too. The last step is to look in the oil tank to make sure your oil is making the loop.
    I wish you'd had the air filter on there but since it wasn't you have to wade into the fuel system as well, not that you wouldn't want to any way. I have 2 manuals one is a 1970 to 78 and the other is a 1970 to 76 to give you an idea what you are looking for in terms of a manual. She'll fire up easier than you'd think.
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    It looks like the carb is a Mikuni. Keep that in mind when trying to find a air filter assembly.
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    welcome to the forum Bob I,m sure you will get alot of help here. Looks like a cool old bike to fix up:newsmile045:
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    Welcome to the Forum. I would buy a factory manual and get to know it good, it will be your best friend. Nice Old Iron you have there. Do a compression check on the motor, probably rebuild the carb, open up the timer cover and have a look inside:s