Aloha to Our Brotheres and Sisters

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    Sons of Hawaii MC from Hawai`i (island), Moloka`i, O`ahu and Kaua`i spent the Memorial Day weekend on Maui to ride with the Maui Chapter. Most arrived on Wednesday or early Thursday and were transported to Young Brothers Inter-Island barge to pick up the bikes. After the bikes were checked out and deemed OK, a weekend of riding began.

    Thursday's ride included a trek to Iao Valley, then up to the Ulupalakua district. It was a fairly short tune-up for the days to follow.

    Friday was a trip to Hana, with 48 bikes making the jaunt. After gathering the last of our group at the Haiku Community Center, we made a rest stop at the Keanae Park for soft drinks and light snacks to energize us for the remainder of the trek. A little rain fell between Keanae and Hana so the going was a little slow, watching for the stripes, mangos and guavas on the pavement. Rode through Hana town, down through Hamoa, and back into town and made another rest stop at Hana Bay. We then moved to Wainapanapa, where a member's ohana (family) so graciously put out a spread of food for the entire bunch. Lunch was laulau (meat wrapped in leaves and steamed), chicken about 3 different ways, stew, noodles...Heck there was so much food, I can't even remember. Dessert was deadly! We headed back to Kahului and parted ways. Some heading home and some remaining as hosts to out guests from the neighboring islands.

    Haleakala Summit was on Saturday's agenda. I counted 55 bikes, a few more than the day before. Breathtaking...clear and cold at the top. Because many of the members are kanaka maoli (native Hawaiian) and because one of our group members works at the UofH observatory, the NPS waived the visitor fee. We made it to the summit and around to the area called Science City (not normally open to visitors), had a a Hawaiian-style blessing and thanksgiving. We stayed at the top for an hour or so and then headed back down the mountain. It was back out to Ulupalakua Ranch. Then headed back into town.

    On Sunday, we used the back-door to Lahaina; the road through the small village of Kahakuloa. Some weren't comfortable on the route, so we split and the rest went to Makena. Our intention was to meet for lunch, but we crossed paths somewhere and missed each other. They took the high road and we took the low road...literally. Saturday evening was a night of more food and beverage and local entertainment. Somebody brought out an ukulele after the entertainers left and the song and dance continued.

    Monday being the holiday, nothing was officially organized. Some of the visiting wives needed to shop...LOL! Some of the visiting men needed to do laundry. A dozen or so made it to the service at the Veteran's Cemetary.

    That was our weekend. We look forward to spending more time with out neigboring island brothers and sisters who so graciously shouted out invitations to the Maui members and their guests.
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    Sounds like fun';';';;' :57: