almost met the pavement

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    Getting of work yesterday leavin Houston and my mind was a little distracted goin down 59 and it started to rain so I diecide Iam gonna get off the next exit that has an over pass and wait it out guess I wasnt paying attiontion and was little close to the truck in front of me and he stoped short so pulled the clutch at hit both brakes road wet bad idea but it was a reaction rear tire starts to slide around and i was able to swerve and miss the truck luckly nobody was coming up behind me but at this point the bike is goin down I already dicided I cant save it and I remember thinkin dang i just got this back yesterday not sure of exactly what i did but i know i slammed my foot down push the bike up let out the clutch out and rolled the throtle and by some grace of God niether me or the bike hit the ground and made it under the under pass to wait out the rain with no injuries except the soft ball sized knot and bruise on my calf from my peg hitting me when i put my foot down.
    Think it might have been enough to make me put that helmet I usally leave at the house on my headfrom now on but known me I will prob get comfortable agian a nd quit wearing it agian.

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    Glad to hear you managed to save it. I hate riding in the rain especially on these highways here in Houston. My UC is such a big heavy girl, I just don't like all that weight on those two little contact patches!!

    You might think about taking the HOV down 59. At least you don't have to worry about side traffic. When I run up on someone driving slow, I just go around. Takes you all the way to about Sweetwater.

  3. geezer

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    Sounds like you did some quick thinking and did everything right, good for you. Glad you're OK.
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    Sometimes having a Ah Ha moment can really wake up dormant senses. Glad nothing serious has happened and it will make you a more focus rider. It amazing what a lapse in concentration can cause while riding.:small3d011:
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    Glad you made it out OK. Sounds like you handled the situation very well. I know whenever I find myself "drifting" mentally while riding or in my cage, I force myself back to reality. Here in NJ we have to wear helmets, but regardless, I just don't think I could ride without one. I know it's an individual choice in many states, but it takes so little to leave one with serious brain trauma....
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    Really glad you didn't get hurt when you put your foot down. A friend of mine did that on his Heritage Softail and broke his leg! I did something similar but at a very low speed. That was two months ago and my ankle is still sore! I swear I thought i broke it!
    I'm with TQ, I hate riding in the rain also! I've had a few mishaps that I was lucky to avoid.
  7. david26

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    Dont know why the foot went down my mind had already decided the bike was goin down and it was time to get on top and ride it out but the body reaction was not to let my machine hit the ground. The amount of close calls i have made it threw just out of reaction because there was no time to think just amazes me.

    I would deff use the HOV but I get on 59 right there in Staford at 90 and the hov is just a dimond lane no more walls and I have seen to many morons use it to pass and they real didnt seem to be payin a lot af attiontion when they do it.
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    Glad your alright. Good, quick thinking on your part.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    We enjoy our V-Twins, but this sport is inherently dangerous and easy to get complacent. Do wear at "least" a half-helmet. If fit is a problem try on as many as you can until you find one that fits...

    Too heavy...I found my Kevlar one for a song and HD one (made by HJC) that works great. Just one that you will wear and is DOT approved...cause our heads are vital and the most easily damaged...similar to an egg...soft innerds with firm shell, but easily broken. No excuses, we like hearing you write about the close call and come out relatively unscathed, but more aware if circumstances were not line up! Off my Soapbox.:small3d023:
  10. HDDon

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    Like everyone I'm glad you are alright. I think the first sentence of your post says it all. You were a little distracted. Out on a country road by yourself and no traffic you can get away with a little distracted, but in traffic and rain, a little distracted is a formula for disaster. Have you taken a MSF course? It won't keep you from being distracted but it will give you the proper solutions in some emergency situations. Someone else mentioned that motorcycling is a dangerious sport, don't make it more so by 1.Not being properly prepared and 2.By not having your mind fully on what your doing. Ride safe