Almost losing my plate!!!

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    I wonder if the engineers at HD have ever tried to screw an Italian plate on the license plate mount they ship with the bike to Italy! :bigsmiley19:

    It simply... too short!!!!!

    I've checked with others Harley's imported to Italy and ALL plates are bent, curved to fit the mount.

    In some cases (and it's MY case...) the plate bends outside and the vibrations have slowly ripped the upper left corner and almost ripped the right upper one!

    Moreover, since the bending of the plate, at night only the upper part is enlightened from the lamp above (this could be useful :s but hope not to meet a fussy officer!)

    I should ask for a plate replacement, but it's an expensive and annoying bureaucratic process: the screws on the bottom side are well tightened and I won't lose the plate... hopefully!



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    I ran into a similar problem in the US fitting our license plate to an "imported" license plate mounting. I think would should dismount your plate, repair it and fit it to a "backing plate" and redrill to fit properly. An alternative is if you have local frames that do fit, some use molded/cast clips and holes as fasteners on opposite top and bottom to hold repaired plate in...and go with that.