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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by awall, Sep 4, 2009.

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    I almost dropped my bike the other day. I backed into a prking spot in front of Denny's HD in Springfield. I put the stand down and got off the bike. I was taking my helmet off and looked at the bike and said to myself that this don't look right. So I reached up and grabbed the handelbars and as soon as I touched them the bike rolled forward about and inch and the stand kicked up. I was able to hold it up but it sure wasn't easy. What caused it was that when I put the stand down and got off the bike it rolled forward just a bit as the stand started to settle on the ground and the stand never locked. I watch it a lot closer now.

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    One of the reasons why you park your hog in gear. While the HD jiffy stand is a great piece...there is a need to lean the bike the opposite way to deploy the stand fully and let her down without rolling.

    If you park on soft hot tar or grass, you have to lean it over a bit more to get good ground clearance to put an HD jiffy stand coaster (on a self installed lanyard around $6 ) under it, to prevent the bike from sinking into the "mire". They are worth the investment.
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    Bet that had you puckered!! I ALWAYS freak when the bike wallows forward with the slop in the jiffy stand on the big bike. It moves maybe 3-6 inches. Never get used to that!!

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    Since I got my bike I always make a habit of looking down to make sure the jiffy stand tab is engaged in the slot. Just a little piece of mind.
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    I also am careful when parking... I like to have the bike (In Gear) with the front wheel on the upper encline, so if it's going to give... it gives backward, thereby helping to push backward on the stand. Glad your bike didn't go down... Lesson Learned.
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    Puckered isn't what I was thinking at the time but it sure got my attention. I usually pay good attention to details, why I didn't this time I just don't know. A person just needs to adopt good habbits in everhything they do when it comes to ridding. And double checking everything is a good habbit.
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    Glad you kept it up and did not get hurt. It does not take much to throw are game off even a slight distraction as your getting off can do it.