All I can say is wow!!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mqhybrid, Sep 20, 2008.

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    I picked up my 09 FLHX black and it was like heaven. This is one nice peice of american enginering. I am going to say that hd really has done its home work!!!

  2. glider

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    Good luck with the new ride, post a pic too.
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    Hey, don't rub it in! I still have to wait another week before the dealer has mine! :p

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! I haven't been able to think about anything else this past week. Can't wait to get in my new saddle for the first time!
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    LPFRAY Member

    Week, try a month. RG for me though, but I can relate to the kid at Christmas only I feel like it is still the first of Dec and Christmas is so far away. Lots of trips to the dealer to "look" give my my fix for now.:newsmile038:
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    Hoping to have my RG by the end of September. I too feel like a little kid again waiting for Christmas.
  6. Accessories from 2003 RKC to 2009 RKC

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some info, since my dealer is not yet updated ( im in Eastern Europe ).
    I have a 2003 RKC Anniversary which im replacing with a 2009 RKC ( yes ! the Turquoise/White color scheme !! Irrestistible ! ), and have the following stuff on it which i was wondering whether i can transfer them without much fuss to the new bike or they will end up on ebay. So here goes:

    1. Tour Pak Kit ( as per pic attached )
    2. Rider adjustable backrest
    3. S.E slip ons !! ( beautiful sound , would hate to lose those )
    4. Center Stand.

    I understand the Tour Pak CAN be transferred probably with the addition of a new docking hardware kit. Furthermore, do you guys recommend the 2 point or 4 point docking kit? What i would like to be able to do is remove the tour pak on occasion and install a sissy bar for the Mrs. I guess with the Docking hardware that should not be prob...

    HOpe i did not perplex you too much. Would appreciate any input.

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  7. glider

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    Best bet would be to compare the part numbers for the 03 and 09 to see if they are the same and they would fit. The frames for the 09 have changed from the 03 bikes.
  8. Thanks for the reply Glider...
    Im in the process of doing that... I will probably have some feedback next week from the dealer...cant wait for the 09 to get here though...:newsmile070:
  9. hntwrobin

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    The tour pack can be used with the new hardware, docking kit and new suport plate, I believe the rider backrest will work as well. Too my knowledge the slip-ons should be ok too. I'm not sure about the center stand. I know that all of my detachable stuff for my 99 RK will only fit it. If you look at the new docking hardware for 09 it's much less of a pain in the (edited) There are holes that are drilles and tapped to mount the stuff on the new struts.
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  10. oiler

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    I've had my 09 SG for about a month now. Nice machine. Ist service tomorrow.