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    I hope this is in the right place to post, if not please move to the appropriate place . Well let me start by saying that I'm used to washing my bike the old fashion way, but after reading some of the post on cleaning your bike I purchased some s100 bike wash and some lemon pledge and went to work. As i said in the title, WOW !!! This stuff is awesome . Even my wife was impressed . After cleaning my bike and drying , I coated it with the pledge and it looks fantastic . Unfortunately it also showed how bad my saddlebags and seat were dull looking . So I figured ,why not and took the s100 and wiped them down with a rag . It brought a nice luster bag to both . Here's my question for you cycle guru's . Will it hurt to do this to seat and bags without washing with water .I used it basically like using armor-all just a wipe and rub in application and man they look good . Do you think it will hurt to leave it like that ? Thanks for the tips . This is a great forum because of the people on it :bigsmiley12:
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    My guess is YES, but probably not right away. Leather is funny stuff. Durable but chemicals can deteriorate it over time.

    I use saddle soap. One or twice a year I take them off and wash them using saddle soap a rag and hot water. Scrub it up in a good lather. Wipe off. When they dry I buff them up with a boot brush. They look great and its designed for leather. After the annual treatment I just hose them off every bike wash.
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    I like the idea above of using Saddle Soap once or twice a year. But NOTHING wrong with using Pledge on the seat and leathers during routine cleaning. Will make it shine and the wax in the pledge will help protect them. Just wipe the seat down well with a clean dry cloth before sitting on it in your tuxedo or dress blues!! :s

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    Ive also heard sno seal works great. It protects the leather form uv rays and waterproofs them as well as brings back a nice shine. Also it wont eat up the stitches like some products do. Gonna pick some up this weekend and give it a whirl I'll let you know how it works out.
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    Newsflash... I learned this shocker one day and was stunned. What you "think" is a leather seat is actually vinyl. Take your seat off and flip it over. At the edges where it's stapled/attached to the seat pan, turn them back and look at the material -- it's not unfinished cow hide. You'll quickly see it's not leather... unless you bought an aftermarket seat with leather. Stock Harley seats are covered in vinyl. I was kind of upset when I first found this out.
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    Be careful with Pledge on the seat. It gets a little slippery. Trust me, I found out the hard way. Didn't fall off, but sure got my attention.

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    Water at or below the side covers only...leather bags off and seat off, use saran wrap to protect electrics and such. Do not use hard spray at hub bearings, starter, electrics. Dry fully and spray Pledge when warm outside and dry. No Pledge on seat or leather, just used saddle soap or leather care lotion (Pledge on leather does shine, but can leave a residue that attracts very fine dirt in the grain).
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    Thanks for the replies everyone .The wife and i just got back in from a little ride to Hot Springs , Arkansas .We made a day of it , going by the Harley shop and dropping a c note or so , Then stopped and eat and rode through the mountains ( big hills, but we call them mountains ) . We had a blast . Topped out at about a 150 miles round trip . Beautiful riding weather . :D
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    To be honest, I've been real happy with HD leather dressing (PN#98261-91V) and one of the cheapest things you can get at dealer $6.00. Rub it on. let it penetrate and buff dry.
    Really bought back the color and keeps the leather supple.
    Welcome to the forum.
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    Like Mad Dog said, saddle soap, need to only use it once or twice a season depending on how much rain and dirt you get into. Are you talking about s100 total cycle cleaner? I would not use it on leather, I would think that over time it will deteriorate it. It does work great on the rest of the bike and of course followed by pledge.