aligning rear tire on a Superglide fxd

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by 01GlideRider, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Hi, I own a 2001 Superglide fxd, My question is what is the best way to align the rear wheel on the bike after mounting a new tire without going to a dealer and having them do it. If anyone has any tips or tricks to share I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
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    I used a coat hanger. Cut the hook off, straightened it a bit cut 2 pieces of tubing about 1/2" long each, punched small holes in the side of both and threaded them both onto the coat hanger. Next I adjusted the deflection on the drive belt to spec. and then measured the distance from the center of the swingarm bolt to the center of the wheel axle by sliding the 2 tube pieces to mark both spots on the belt side. Then I used this distance to measure the other side to match this distance at the same spots. Then I tightened the axle nut to spec. and cotter pinned it. double checked the measurements again and drive belt deflection again too.
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    Just to add to Vonh's procedure; most Dyna has small hole in each side of the swingarm several inches in front of the axle. These are for your measure wire to go into. There is also an excellent procedure in the self help area.
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    This picture may help understand how the tool works:D