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Aligning Handle Bars


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Many riders have asked how to align the bars as they seem to be not aligned with the front end when going straight.

It's a simple thing to do by backing off on the two riser bolts located under the top tripple tree about a turn or two. Position the bars straight and retighten the riser bolts and you are done. Not too many bikes are set up with the bars absolutely straight at the dealers.

Some bikes like the ultras are harder to get to the bolts than others. This should help you out with it on the Road king models.
Getting to the Riser Clamps

-Pull the windshield.
-Unscrew the bottom screw at the headlight trim ring and pull up to release the ring.
-Unscrew all the rubber mounted phillips screws that hold the headlight in place against the nacelle. (A cordless screwdriver in reverse works extremely well here, but don't tighten them that way)
-With a 5/16 wrench, unscrew the nut holding the front of the chrome spear trim from inside the nacelle.
NOTE: Upon re-assembly, DO NOT over tighten the nut or you will break off the stub. this is just a twist nut, not to be put under a lot of tension.. Lift the spear free (its hooked into the riser cover)
-With the same wrench, hold the nut from inside the nacelle that secures the front of the riser cover, and unscrew the phillips screw. (careful or you will drop the nut and have to go looking for it)
NOTE: Upon re-assembly, the tiny nut and washer are hard to reach to get the screw started. Use masking tape, and tape across a box end wrench, then drop in the nut, and lay on the fender washer. Be sure the masking tape is long enough to contact the washer as well, so everything stays in place. The screw will penetrate the masking tape as you tighten it.
-Pop off the Fork Lock cover ring by lightly prying up on it, and remove the two phillips screws that secure the riser cover to the fork lock area.

Now the cover is free, and you can access the riser caps. (If you are only repositioning the bars, this is as far as you need to go).