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Alarm Key Fob Assignment (button FOB)

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This must be done when you buy a new button type key fob for the alarm if you loose one.

I assume you know your personal entry code using the directional switches and the key switch to activate , if not , it's in the owners manual.

If you never set the code,the dealer can help you out here.

1. Set run switch to off
2. ign to acc
3. hold both turn sigs till lights flash
4. use left turn signal to enter number by pushing 7 times
5. use right turn signal as enter key
6. repeat until all 5 are entered and you hit enter

lights should flash and you should be OK.


The key fob on TSSM motorcycles must be set so it will operate the alarm system on the vehicle.
This assignment must be completed with no pauses between steps greater than 10 seconds.
Turn the ignition OFF after all key fobs have been assigned.
The programming mode will also exit after 60 seconds has elapsed without detecting any fob signup messages
or turn signal switch activity.
Two key fobs may be assigned to the TSSM.
The first successful attempt to program a fob will disable all previously assigned fobs.
If a second fob is to be programmed, it must be done in the same programming sequence as the initial fob.
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Re: Alarm Key Fob Assignment

Hey Mr. Data, Wondering if you could help I just purchased a 2005 night train, the pager alarm system was on it. I got the bike with just the transmitter under the seat with no FOB or pager, also did not get the owners manual or codes already in system. Do I need to take bike in to dealer for reprogramming or is this something I can do by purchasing a pager and a FOB from dealer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Re: Alarm Key Fob Assignment


I'm not familiar with the extra pager systems on the harleys, only the factory alarms. If this is the add on pager that is a suppliment to the factory system, your best bet is to check with the dealer. If you bought it from a dealer he should supply the fob for the system.

Are you looking for the codes for this system or for the bike itself?

These are the codes for the bike.
04-07 HD DTC Codes and Activation - Harley Davidson Community
Re: Alarm Key Fob Assignment

Hey Mr. Data, yea it is a factory alarm part #91665-03 transmitter and pager. I just purchased a replacement pager part# 91660.03 and fob, I did not get the codes for the system either guess I should take into dealer and have them reassign code for the system and go over with me. Thanks for the codes on the bike I am printing and keeping in the files,
Re: Alarm Key Fob Assignment

Your best bet is to have the dealer do it with the digital tech. The procedure to program it is a bit lengthy and if you mess up, you have to start all over again.

What codes are you making reference to here? Is it the manual alarm code that uses the directional switches to activate in case you loose the fob?
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