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Alarm Auto Enabling/Disabling (button FOB)


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Auto-arming causes the system to automatically arm itself (no key fob needed) within 30 seconds after the ignition key is turned OFF.

During this period, the security lamp stays on solid to indicate auto-arming is starting up.
The vehicle may be moved during these 30 seconds without triggering the alarm, however. any motion after that period will trigger the security alarm. Upon expiration of the auto arming period, the turn signals flash twice, the security lamp begins to flash and the siren (if installed) chirps twice.

To set the auto arming selection, refer to table 11 below. The security system allows remote arming via the key fob at anytime. However, if the system is remotely disarmed (with the key fob) but the ignition key is not turned ON within 30 seconds, the system will rearm itself when auto arming is enabled.
I just purchased a pair off new fobs for my 2003 Softail deuce CVO ( by accident I lost the original ones). How I can program the new FOBs?
I'm living in a small town in Norway and the nearest HD dealer is closed for about four weeks and I need the alarm working properly.
Thanks in advance.:bigsmiley10:
Hello Guys, I have a Softail 2001 HDI, I followed the Instructions to disable the Auto-Arm settings, and it didn't worked.. It flash 3 times not 2, so I think my Bike is HDI..any help to Disable the Auto-Arm in my bike alarm?!!
Mr. Data: I am new to the HD Security system. I saw your instructions on locating the PIN code for future use. My FOB has a button. What is the arming and disarming sequence?
If you are using the auto arm, how do you work on your bike? The way I see it you have to have the ignition on. Otherwise if you leave the ignition off the alarm will arm itself. So how do you get around this?
With the button type FOB, it's not armed unless you arm it. With the button less FOB (smart FOB), you just keep the FOB on the bike so it doesn't arm. I have a clip that I hang it on the cables when working on the bike.
I'm talking about the button fob with the auto enable on. The bike will arm itself within 30 seconds if you don't turn the ignition on.