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    Dear forum members.
    I have a 2003 100 Yr anniversary Softail Deuce. Because of the longer tank and shorter very curved seat, I found rides of over 100km were uncomfortable especially in the groin and buttocks. I swapped the seat for another sleeker more open model which was better but the discomfort persisted.
    My wife bought his and hers AIRHAWK seat covers AIRHAWK R for me, AIRHAWK 2 for her from in the US and they arrived Wednesday. I fitted the R, which is the latest model and has cutouts at the front and back, to the bike and took it for a test ride last night.
    I must say that after a couple of K's of taking it easy feeling like I was moving around as the air pockets equalized. I got used to the feel and instead of going on a quick ride around the block, went for a longer ride through the Adelaide hills (South Australia) and up our local freeway. At the end of the trip of a little over a 100k's I had less numbness in the buttocks and none in the groin or base of the spine. Interestingly, the quicker riding, braking, cornering and accelerating through the windy hills sections was more comfortable than traveling straight on the open freeway.
    I'll let you know about the passenger model when I can take my wife for a ride over the weekend and update the review over longer distances and had a chance to vary the inflate pressure.
    I can say that they are worth a look and I have attached some photos of the R fitted. It looks greyer with the flash but is reasonably discrete.
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    One of the things that worth every penny , feels a lot comfortable than stock & passenger pillion