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    It would seem to me that if cold air is better for performance, then why is it the incoming air is drawn in from the side of the engine, where the air is hot. Wouldn't it make more sence to have a air intake that pulls air from the outside. (I hope this makes sence)
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    Cold air is much better thats why they( SE I think) make the big sucker.
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    If the air is to cold it is not as good as warm air . With warm air the fuel turn from a fluid to a vapor faster & gas in the vapor form is more combustable then it it in the raw form . You may have noticed automobiles had a heat tube from the exhaust manifold to the air cleaner to heat the incoming air , that helped to vaporize the gas , it is not good if the air gets to hot that is why there was a butterfly valve in the air cleaners so the input of hot air could be controlled . When you are riding there is enough cool air to make this a non issue IMO , if it was a issue the MOCO would have changed the air intake system . They do make air cleaner covers that pull air from the sides & they cost less than the big sucker . Just my .02 worth .
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    The Big sucker is an Arlen Ness product.

    The reason for the air coming in from the rear closest to the motor is the warm air will keep from any icing up in colder climates and generally run better unless it it a very hot area.
    The MOCO doesn't know where the bike is going to be ridden and can usually predict it will run right with this configuration.
    High performance filter setups usually draw from the free cool air for better power.
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    This is from my Tmax monitor play back, @38mph 239 Head temp air intake temp 108+



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