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Discussion in 'Oil' started by ksheritage, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I changed the oil in my 2007 Heritage Softail Classic to Mobil 1 V-twin 20w50 this weekend and noticed that every time I check it after I have been riding, there is a lot of air in the oil. It looks very foamy. I never checked it before I changed the oil since I bought it used and wanted to make sure that I knew what fluids I was running. Is this normal?
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    I see bubbles on my dip stick also. I bet a lot has to do with the return oil pump being a larger capacity than the supply oil pump. It therefore picks up a BUNCH of air.
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    Did you wash the bike after changing the oil? Any way you got water in the tank or in the engine? Sounds sort of like an emulsion.

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    I'm no oil expert but I have some foam in the oil tank on my softail after a hot ride. I use 20-50 HD non syn., and I think it has something to do with the additives and detergent.
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    The 1st time I read your post I did not see the word 'foamy'. As TQ says, if it's an emulsion (water), you must find out what is going on. If you have a white milky issue, that is serious and must be corrected.

    I would drain the oil in a CLEAN glass container. Take a good look after letting it sit overnight.

    I was reading into your post as if you took a quart of oil, put it in a blender and aerated it. That type of foamy.
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    I did not add any additives to the oil when I changed it. I just drained the syn3 that the last owner had the HD dealership install when they changed the oil, changed the filter and used mobil 1 to refill. I then rode the bike for a few miles, check the oil level and it was good. The last time I rode, I checked the oil as soon as I turned the bike off and that is when I noticed it was foamy. It did not look like it had any water in it. It was not milky in color. I did wash the bike after I changed the oil but the dip stick was in place and I did not drench the bike while washing it. When the oil level is checked after riding, should it sit for a few minutes before pulling the dip stick? Thanks.
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    Got to be careful in the winter as the moisture in the oil can freeze and cause oil pump failure, the foaming is a bit of a by product of the internal combustion engine, and being air cooled aint helping. As long as it is at the proper level u should be fine. Short rides will give you more moisture:s
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    I usually have air bubbles on top of the oil when I check it hot but I just take the dipstick and stir it up a bit and the bubbles go away.
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    well I am certainly NO expert!! But, my hot oil is sorta foamy on top when I pull the dipstick and look inside using a flashlite. I think this is normal for hot oil being pumped into the holding tank. Just my opinion.

    Bill - 01 heritage
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    My '10 FatBoy does same at start up idling and after riding. I never looked until I read this post.