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    K N is a good filter, The Arlen Ness is IMO a cheap knock off of the Screaming Eagle. The Screaming Eagle set up is very good , I ran it on all my Evo bikes with no problems, If you are already re jetted you will be good to go IMO While getting away from the head breathers is a better idea IMO you will need a catch can or a filter device on the breather hose, not a big deal tho you may mark your spot when you park. The oil carry over from an Evo motor to the air filter is no big deal until the engine has a lot of miles and or the valve seals and or umbrella seals stop doing their job, JMO:s
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    The biggest complaint of the A.N. Big sucker is that the backing plate mount tabs break. I have a S.E. setup with the no oil filter on my '07. I noticed a difference (slight) when I installed it. I am a big fan of K&N air filters, I have the S.E. only because I got it CHEAP, used on Ebay. There is an air flow difference between a K&N element that fits the stock air box, and the K&N elements for the stage 1 type setups. My opinion of the performance impact on routing the crankcase breathers into the combustion chamber is that it's negligible. This is from a guy that spent $100 on a SPYKE crankcase vent super something for his Dyna. :newsmile08:
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    Just say no to the AN Big Sucker. Not worth it. Do yourself a favor and save a headache later. Get the SE.