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Air filter oil drips


Need help have the K&N high flow air clenaer syswtem on mt 2006 Street Bob, and oil is constantly building up and then driping out. Sometimes even after 2000 miles. I use HD synthetic oil, and ride moderately. Anyone have this problem or a solution to the problem. Oil is at the correct level .
Very common problem. Some of the causes are overfilling the oil, you may want to try it 1/2 qt low. Another is the oil pump out of alignment. Also check the breather hoses for obstructions. Are you sure that the K&N isn't over oiled?

Also consider using a better quality oil than the HD syn 3
The filter is not over oiled, and the oil level is to the top mark when hot and was checked by the dealer. The K&N kit does not have the breather hoses like the SE modeal that is out now. I have had it to the dealer for this problem several times and at first they said clean the filter, but with the last oil change It was dripping at 200 miles. When I took it back they advised me it was the problem with the K&N filter kit whcih is the one that includes the replacement backer plate. but no breather hoses inside the housing just a ruber veloicity stack.
What type of head breathers do you have if you have the replacement backer plate. They all have breathers of some sort.
I have read the same thing about overfill, but the dealer is doing the filling and when I check it is to the full hot line on the stick after warm up and then letting stand on the jiffy stand for 10 miniutes before checking. How do I know if the oil pump is not properly aligned??
Only way of telling if it is aligned is to re align it.
The best way to align oil pumps is using the tapered pins that align the pump to the opening. If the tapered pins are not available it can be done this way with the bike on a lift.
With out the tapered alignment pins you install all 4 oil pump bolts, very lightly seat them, then rotate the motor using the rear wheel, trans in 5th or 6th depending on year, spark plugs out, rotate the rear wheel 2 or 3 times, snug bolts a little more, turn the wheel 2 or 3 more times, tighten more, turn more, tighten more, until you get to final torque on the oil pump/cam plate.