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    Would I gain much in performance by changing my stock size K&N air filter with say a Ness Big Sucker or some other type of air cleaner?
    Would the improvement be noticeable?
    I have TFI and Bub True Duals already installed.
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    I would say it would be noticeable. I put the S.E. air cleaner kit that is the same design as a Big Sucker on my '07. The small backing plate allows easier flow than the restrictive black box that was on it. I kept the football cover because I like it. I chose the S.E. over the Big Sucker, because I read that the Ness backing plate had a tendancy to crack at the mounting point.
    I can't say how much I gained with the filter, because I did it at the same time as I installed the TFI. A very good bang for the buck combination! :newsmile093:

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    When I did my cam plate update I added a Big Sucker air cleaner. Aside from the Andrews 26N cams that were part of the upgrade, I too have a set of aftermarket mufflers and a TFI. The increase in performance was really noticible. OK, part of that is the cams, but not all of it. The upgrades exhausts,intake and fuel management will definitely add to the performance. I think it's a worthwhile investment....

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    I had a problem on my arlen ness BIG SUCK where the alum. back plate DID break=out on the bottom two bolt to carb.... I do believe it to be a DESIGN FLAW in their casting process; NOT thick enough where the inverted bolts go thru the alum. back plate to carb... breaking-off leaving alum. thinner than washers behind the bolt.. IT WOULD HELP THERE TO BE TWICE THE THICKNESS....

    I did buy another full unit, a n big suck as I had the old one for about a year and JUST WANTED IT FIXED TO RIDE... an NOT hassle or BE hassled trying to get it on a WARRANTY issue...

    Looking at the new one it is about as thick(i should say THIN) as the old one.(broken)
    I probably will be okay on the re-install of THAT SAME part as I don't put the miles on my 06 SPORT 1200 R AS I used too, it was my main bike while down in AZ. a few years back and I put 34,000 miles on it there...

    I went with S.E. AIR from harley. HAPPY WITH IT and use the stock outside football cover.. on my 09 FLHR.....

    I did see a nice ROUND harley AIR cover for 59$ at the HD shop.

    I used the ROUND cover from NESS on the sport, NO markings on it, JUST plain chrome, IT does LOOK GOOD.

    Just thought i would add the breakage of NESS here on this thread as i think people NEED to be aware of the problem..