Air cleaner only??

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    I live in Colorado and its very dirty /dusty here all the time..what I want to know is, can I change the air filter,or entire air cleaner assy to say a K&N filter or a Ness Big Sucker,so I have a cleanable/oilable element without doing pipes,fuel management ect??
    My stock filter gets dirty very quickly,I have cleaned it but I still have to replace it often,and the "good" cleanable filters will last just about forever.
    Oh..Box stock 2007 Road glide...
  2. Bud White

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    yes you can change just the filter if you stick with a stock replacment filter you wont need to do any fuel managment

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    Least impact on the wallet is the K&N Oil "Misted" reusable air filter element. Your HD dealer can give you the correct part number cross. or go directly to K&N website (less than $99). Next expensive would be changing the element and housing to Screaming Eagle or similar like Smitty's, but now your are getting into style and function that best suits YOU and your personal needs.

    I have an S&S "Teardrop Clone" one that uses a 6" x 2 1/4" element which is not bad, but it still interferes with my right leg a bit, and I am only 5' 6" and 30" the one like Smitty pictured is a good alternative and looks trick. That black cover is removable if you want full unobstructed air flow. Glider had a tip that compared a large number of different brands regarding airflow if you want free breathing seviceable K&N element inside (make sure you find out what the replacement element part # is) for future reference.
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    i got the K&N just because after 3 services the cost is just the cleaning. mine was pretty dirty by 5K. the extra airflow is marginal at best.