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Air Cleaner Cover Question

I have an 02 Ultra Classic and after looking around for a while Im begininng to wonder if Im the only one with a painted / matching air cleaner cover? All others that I see are solid chrome. Im not seeing other that are paint to match the bike like mine is, like Harley ran a series of them or something. I bought the bike used and it has the Pearl White paint scheme. So, I was wondering if the fomer owner just had the air cleaner painted to match or was it something Harley did on that model for that year or what.
Also, was wanting some opinions on wether I should keep the painted to match cover (in the "less is more" idea) or get a chrome cover to add a little more BLING to the motor.:D I know...I know, this is really a personal choice I need to make but was wondering what others might think.
Thanks to all that reply and for all the opinions. RIDE SAFE!
Harley offered a lot of parts in their paint shop to match the color of the bikes. What I did to be a little different is to heat up the cover and remove the designation decal from the cover leaving it solid chrome. It has a custom look.