Air Breather dripping oil - What does that mean?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by meschinzel, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Following my recent trip to the Colorado Rockies, riding 2400 miles, I began to blow oil from my air breather. It is blowing enough that I had to add 1/2 quart of oil. It was down a half quart when I left on the trip - the level recommended by the Harley mechanic.

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    Well I agree with being Low on the stick like you said.. Max is a 1/2 quart in my book...

    My 09 doesn't do this even at 1/8-1/4 inch off the hot full mark where I CAN run it...

    Do you notice a difference in the Runability of the bike? From the start until it started to Leak the oil out ?...Did/does IT feel slugish?

    If all seems normal and nothing changed This will Still be MY OPINION only..

    If the engine oil is Sumping,,, Not pumping oil OUT and Back into the oil pan from the sump located in the bottom of the cam and crank case,,

    It Could be the Big gerotor in the oil pump... The way to find out is after a normal ride, Shut it Right Off.... and IF i say IF you want to pull the Nasty little Hex-head plug people talk about NOT to take out??? on the bottom of the motor by the DRAIN plug, This will let oil drain out of Sump to see IF extra oil IS in there

    If you drain a LOT of oil ,,, like a 1/2 quart, IT IS SUMPING .. That 1/2 quart you added was MAYBE getting whipped to a foam and pushing up and out the breather into the air filter and out.. The Crank, flywheel swimming in oil is Not good and usually is "A" cause.

    When I had mine apart, cam-cover Off, I held the cam cover in place while IT RAN , then shut off, Pulling the cover away, never had more than a few ounces in the bottom area when shut off and leaned to the right to drain out the sump oil. Of course, My pump was working fine..

    Has it been apart before AND Have you ever found out the run-out on the crank?

    I did check mine a while back and was really surprised to fine a LOW number of .0015 and Happy to see that.

    Another problem COULD be the rings Leaking and pushing oil while getting rid of too much air leaking into the motor.

    Has it been running abnormally HOT?

    Lots to look at here..