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Air And Fuel Mgmnt


I just picked up my V@H ovals yesterday.I'll be putting them on in the spring.I'm considering which route to go for air/fuel management.
I'm thinking about a k@n filter that will give me high flow but still allow me to use the stock cover.As for fuel, I'm thinking of a V@H fuelpak.I like the fuelpak because I can install it myself.
Any thoughts out there on this.

P.S Did the air/fuel mod make a big difference for those of you that have done this?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
The fuel pac will work best with V&H products moreso than a mix of HD and other products, where the settings would be off as opposed to all V&H products alone.

I've used a few different units and I think the TFI will outshine the fuel pac hands down both in user friendliness and support.
They have installation video's on their site too.

George in support is very helpful if you run into a question about the unit. From what I have found, V&H support is the pits.

The install isn't much different for most of these units .

The TFI has great support if it is needed but is simpler than the fuel pac also to use.

There are other options such as the PC III and sert but they are more involved than these other two units and require a bit of work to program or even a dyno tune to set up. The difference is where you intend to take the mods on the bike. If you aren't going with head mods and cams, keep it simple and go with the TFI.
thanks for the info bluessman,I think thats the route I'm going to go.By the way which air filter did you use?
Nice roadglide by the way
I went with the PCIII as well. Simple to install and lots of custom maps available to get you close. Or if you want best performance, put it on the dyno and have it dialed in. Makes a notable difference even on a stock bike.