Aileron Brake Pedal Cover - help please

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Grillfish, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    I wonder if anyone had experience with this.

    The part's catalog shows 1 part # for 1980+ Touring and 86+ FL Softails. So I buy the brake pad cover, part #42678-05A from eBay - no returns. I get it in the mail, all pumped to put it on and it's doesn't fit.

    The cut out of the cover doesn't exactly match the pedal. It's off by like 1/4" top and bottom in two corners. Any one experience this with Aileron or other HD brake pedal covers?

    Any thoughts on how I can remove some metal from the back of the cover (maybe 1/4")? I have a Dremel tool and wonder if they have an attachment strong enough to rout out the brake cover metal?

    Thanks in advance for the thoughts and advice.

  2. Breeze3at

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    Hey Todd; I have the HD Slipstreamer cover on my '07 it fit perfect (it's a tin cup that bolts thru the pedal). I would try and remove metal from the pedal instead of the thin cover. A little off the corners won't weaken anything, and it will always be covered. Touch up the grind area with paint to prevent rust.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I would try Steve07's method before I ground the metal off of anything. Once you start grinding and reshaping, there's no going back!
  4. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    Thanks everyone. The good thing, I bought this for only $10 shipped.

    The issue w/ heating it, the cover is thick chrome metal and there is no stretching it. Only way is grinding.

    I'd hate to grind the OEM brake lever. It's alot thinner, but if I mess up the pedal cover I'm only out $10. Might be my little weekend project.

    I put the OEM rubber cover back on.

    Ride safe and have fun!
  5. gusotto

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    I bought the same brake pedal and yes, it didn't fit.
    Showed it to my local dealer (I bought it from a different dealer) and had a tracing of my brake pedal.
    It didn't match and yes, it's way too much metal to grind away.

    They ordered another Aileron pedal that did fit.
    Gave them my old one. No extra money was exchanged.

    Seems to be a manufacturing problem at the plant. USA no less!

    Take it to a dealer, they should get you a new one.

    Mine was on sale at the other dealer. Maybe that's why it didn't show.
  6. Grillfish

    Grillfish Junior Member

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Well, since I bought this off of ebay, and it's was only $10, I took an hour this morning and did a little work on it. I used the dremel and grinded away some of the metal of the cover backing. After a few tries, it fell into place. Not bad for $10 :)

    I looked on-line and they do not list this brake pedal any longer on the HD website. so maybe they saw way too many issues and dropped it.

    Just a heads up to anyone else out there, it seems the Aileron brake pedal have issues. Some fit some don't.

    Ride safe and have fun!


  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Nice look too bad it did not fit out of the box, reminds me of CCI parts
  8. porterjet

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    Now you know why it was so cheap!