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again with how to


Hey had to change rear brakes on 03 N T. What is the torque for the axel ? Also can any one set me right about jetting carb? After changing mufflers to SE ll I lost some mid and top end. Not poping or running bad just power diff. Do I have jet or can I change just the needle and or adjust needle ? Fairly new to motorcycle mechanics so good advise is very much needed.:26:
Usually the stock needle isn't adjustable as the replacement ones are using a washer or two.With the free flowing mufflers you will no doubt need some enrichment in some areas. Do the test at the bottom of this post and check out the other carb jetting posts in that area too. You probably will not see much coloration on the plugs now with the removal of the lead in the fuel.

This should get you up and running.

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