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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by trickydoc, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. trickydoc

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    Has anyone used one of the aftermarket kits, HogTunes or Biketronics?
    I installed a biketronics system on a friends bike and I was not impressed with the way it mounted in the bike. It was made for a Sony radio, although we used a JBL model. Those little spacer blocks just don't look substantual to me. Has anyone had experience, mileage, on one of these kits?
    The HogTunes mounting system looks much more substantual. Thinking about getting one of these kits and upgrade radio. OBTW buddy's handcontrols didn't work with the JBL radio.
  2. B-1B_Guy

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    Hogtunes with the replacement speakers and amp ROCK. I put it in my Ultra and absolutely love it. I run my IPod through the stereo and it sounds fantastic. I've heard real good reviews on the HogPod as well.
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    Just installed a Hawg Wired kit with a Kenwood unit,high quality ,simple installation.They carry kits for several aftermarket units. The kit also has plug in adapters that allow the hand to controls function.
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