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    anyone had any experience with any vendors on eBay selling 4.5 gallon tanks or J&P cycles . according to J&P site their tank requires an epoxy (?) type resin to be applied inside prior to installation . is it a big deal swapping the fuel pump ?
    Harley wants $650 for the big tank.
    just wondering if the cheaper alternative is viable ?
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    In a lot of cases you get what you pay for so be careful buying from an ebayer. There are some that are reputable but others arent. Always verify their reputation before you buy.

    Swapping over the fuel pump isn't a big deal but always replace the sealing washers and the canopy gasket.
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    I bought an aftermarket tank sold by custom chrome from a custom chrome dealer i had to pressure test it and line the the tank i also spent many hours applying body filler and sanding it to get it to the shape it should have been prior to painting it
    If you are doing this sort of work yourself the tank will be oiled to stop it from rusting so needs to be scrubbed with a degreaser prior to applying body filler or paint or they will not stick
    Would i do it again yes now that i know what to do it will be a lot easier

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    All good advice here, you can still save a lot of money IMO with the J P tank:s Deal with them direct, that way you will have an easier time with returns if need be and they also have tech support
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