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Discussion in 'TFI Settings' started by alabiker, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Several years ago I had an independent shop put a 95 inch kit in my 2001 Road King Classic, new cams, Screaming Eaqle slip-ons and a RevTech DFO tuner. Mine was the first bike that they put a DFO in, they wanted to try something new. They thought I would like it better than the PC. The bike ran great, but my mpg dropped from 42-45 mpg down to 36-39 mpg. After the first tank or two, I talked to the shop and they said that was the price of performance. In the years since, I have never had a tank of gas get over 40 mpg no matter how hard I tried. I haven't thought much about it the last few years, and to tell the truth haven't put too many miles on the bike in the last 4 or 5 years.

    I joined this forum recently, and have been doing a lot of reading, and learned that the DFO is made by Dobeck, and have read just about everything on the site about tuner settings. I have been really impressed by the effort Dobeck puts into working with their customers. I had a couple of questions for them, but it was the weekend so I waited and kept reading, and sure enough all of my questions had already been answered somewhere on the forum.

    I wish I had made a note of the settings I've been running all these years, but they weren't anything close to the recommended ones. My dials didn't look like some of the illustrations, so I wish there were more illustrations online, but when I finally got past that and got the settings at 3,3,4,4, I have been blown away. The first check was 41.6 mpg and the second was 43.05. Shazam!

    Admittedly, these were very small samples less than a full tank total, but still very encouraging. I just had it serviced a couple of weeks ago and had 37 and 39 mpg on the 2 tanks before the adjustment.

    Oh, well. Better late than never. Am going to keep an eye on it for a while, for the mpg and for performance. It seems to be running as strong as ever, and getting better mpg.

    Thanks HD TALKING!
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    Good to hear that you have a nice improvement. I would also add that you did a great job doing the research and making the changes that you learned from this site!
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    There is a lot of good info on this site but at times can be hard to find the exact information you need and often by asking the question one of the members can supply a link to the exact information
    Some of our members seem to know where everything is

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    Doebeck Rev-tech DFO ? - Harley Davidson Forums - You meen like this? Looks like Mark @ Dobeck is on the ball here too:s
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    Took the bike out today and put 150 miles on her, mixed city and highway with nothing over 60mph, and when I gassed up at the end I had made 43.14 mpg. That's unreal.

    I won't be updating every tank, but I am going to track it for the next several fill-ups and come up with a running total and will post that in a week or so.
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    Just to update:

    Since adjusting this thing properly, I've only had one tank where I got less than 40mpg, and that was a long Interstate run at about 75 mph and the mpg was a little over 36. Everything else, including some tanks that included a little bit of spirited riding, has come in over 40mpg. I am hoping to put a few thousand miles on her in a couple of months, and that is gonna make a huge difference.

    Haven't gotten over 44 yet, but a lot of 43's. 40-43 is way cool. Man, I like this place.