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Advise please


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Hello, i'm new to the site and new to HD.

Been looking at the Fat Boy & Low Rider.

Not sure what to think about the Softails "Ridge Mount Engines"??? When the others are rubber mounted.

Also, not trying to start any wars but what are the pros and cons of Dyna's and Softail's please.

Thanks and y'all be careful out there,
The softails have a balancer system in the engine to smooth out the firing impulses of the engine where the rubber mounted engines the firing impulses are taken care of by the mounts.

The rubber mounted models use a different shock setup that will usually give a better ride than the softail setup.

It's a matter of personal preference and your best bet would be to rent one of the models in each category and ride it for a day to see the difference before buying.
I have a 06 Fat Boy It has a ballanced motor and I vibration is not that bad at all. The best advice would be to takeatest ride on a F.B.and a Dyna and compare.
i love my dyna. but with 10;1 compression it eats up primary chains. stock they are great. not that theres any thing wrong with a softail. it comes down to personal preference.:dknow
Great advise from everyone. You would not be shorting yourself by going with either model or family. They each have their own characteristics; choose the one that bundles the most for you. You can always add stuff to personalize to your taste. After you start riding down the road, all the "what ifs" and "which one is best" questions and scenarios fade away. Just ride....safely!:s
I agree with those telling you to ride each model you're interested in to find the one you like most.
Let that be your biggest deciding factor.

Don't know where you are at, but in my area, there are a total of 4 Harley dealers and you can almost rest assured there is a "Demo Day" going on at one of them every couple weeks.
Demo Days are a great opportunity to try out several models without forking out the steep rental-rates. I wouldn't recommend renting one unless you narrowed the choice down with demo rides first. Of course, this is assuming you have multiple dealers in the area so you don't have to wait months and months for a demo-day.

Good luck.