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    So I should have come here for suggestions first, but... I read so many great raving reviews about Advanblack and their factory color matched parts... Well I went ahead and dropped the hammer. I ordered a set of Rushmore lower fairings, 4.5inch extended saddlebags, custom blue stitched saddlebag liners, 6x9 speaker saddlebag lids, and a stretched rear fender extension. They cut me a discount being military, and expedited my order. So I am anxiously awaiting the parts now. Do any of you have experience with Advanblack? are you pleased with the products? I had looked at videos on youtube, and googled them. I had also seen people raving about them in facebook groups. That's why I bit the bullet on them. I will post pics and give a review after arrival and installation. But, until then, anyone have any input?