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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by GeezerGlide, May 10, 2009.

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    I have just had my 2009 Ultra Classic for a week and I love it but there are a few issues that I have to get use to. I am 5'11'' and I find I am reaching for the hand grips. After about a 1/2 hour of riding my back starts to stiffen up (not as young as I used to be). I have ordered some reach bars that will bring the bars 2 inches closer. I think this will work because I went out for a long ride where I used cruise control and just had my finger tips on the bars and my back was fine.

    The bike is a lot heavier and wider than what I am used to. It is going to take a while to get the stops really smooth because my legs are really stretching. I am use to a pegs forward bike.

    I didn't like the leather flaps on the lower fairing compartments so I installed Hogtunes speakers with an amplifer in the compartments. Great move!!! Sounds fantastic.

    I am looking for advice on the most comfortable seat for long trips, back support etc.

  2. oldgeezer

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    a few of the members on here have sent their seat in and had it reworked on the inside with hospital grade memory foam. they all speak very good about this. I have not sent mine in YET! a backrest is a great option and will improve your ride a lot. I am in the process of changing my bars now. I went with chubby bars with two extra inches of pullback. still working on the install so cant tell you if i like or not, but they look good with the wires inside. I love my bike.
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    I'm constantly amazed, when reading this forum, of the amount of after purchase dollars that have to be spent to get a bike set up so that it's a comfort to ride. The more I read, the less excited I get about buying my first HD motorcycle. Was so looking forward to retirement and getting back into riding.

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    JS, there are a few that are happy with things stock, just that most riders who get theirs want to "personalize" it. Many people buy things on impulse or sell themselves with a little dealer "arm twisting" after all they are PAID to push you out of your comfort zone and into theirs'.

    Yeah, one thing about is an act of passion, which is WHY before you enter a dealers' "Lions Den" you must be:

    1) prepared way in advance that the vehicle is the one that really fits your needs (wants ARE secondary) and

    2) have a firm fixed price in mind and be prepared to walk out the door without looking back if something is not right. But also be fair, know the wholesale price of the vehicle is and know you will not pay a penny more than X and read the misc. charges that they try to tack on BEFORE they run your credit (this gets reported to the big 3 credit rating firms)!

    P.S. if you are buying a first HD, test ride the desired model first. If not sure of your commitment, no one said a one or two year old HD was not a good buy either and many of the so called comfort, performance, and bling mods are done by the previous owner to boot. Knowledge is power, use it to fit your needs when going after that first HD purchase.
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    Been said before but a rider back rest makes a big difference, my buddies told me to get one some time ago. Finally did it and it makes a tremendous difference in comfort.
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    Sometimes bringing the bars back more can cause the back problems to worsten. Basically, your back needs support. I had drag bars on my Sportster. This caused me to lean a bit forward. When I got my Ultra Classic, I am leaning back. Curving my spine a bit and putting more pressure on the tailbone. Best solution will be a rider back rest. It will give your back the needed support. As for stabilty when planting your feet. I had the lower shocks put on the back. They are the same as on the Street Glide. On the '09, I have not seen any instability in the ride. However, I know you will scrape the footboards much easier. ;) I guess it's your call. Shocks or custom seat.
  7. GeezerGlide

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    Thanks for the input. I have looked at the backrest and I think it is a good option. I test rode a Ultra Classic before buying but it was about a forty minute ride with lots of stops.

    Moving forward on the stops works wells. I am in my mid 50's so I am not as agile as I used to be.

    I have heard good things about Mustang and Corbin seats but I think I will try the backrest first. They should be transferable to a new seat if I change later.

    I plan to do some long trips this summer so I want everything perfect.

  8. glw22041

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    I'm 5'10", 54 with back and neck problems. Been riding for a little over 3 years, put
    8K+ miles on a Sportster 883 and moved up to the 09 ultra classic 6 week ago, just passed 1,000 miles. Stock set up is working for me, we've spent 7 and 8 hours a day on the bike with no problems. It is alot heavier than the sporty so be careful at stops, especially when the pavement is slopped in one direction where your feet won't reach.
  9. wolfshead1

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    I found a Corbin seat really helped my riding miles.Maybe Get your seat done at a rally.Put a seat cushion on for a day or so from Wal-Mart see if the change is better for you.On riding or should I say stopping use foot brake for the final stop.Squeezing the front can get you tipped over quick.Ask me how I know?Change your bar angle before anything else.At 63 I'm more afraid of my Ultra at 2mph than I am at 90mph.Keep asking questions and browse the forum here.Much to be gained by reading.

    ride safe,
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    Well if these comments are making you think twice about a HD, than don't buy one. These are minor tweeks to make them better than they are, to for YOU. There is no MC out there that will be an exact fit for everyone, so if that is what you are looking for than stay on your lazy boy cause there isn't any bike that fits all. As far as I am concerned, you either want a HD or you don't. If you do than expect to make it fit you and hope most of it does. But don't expect it to fit you perfect unless your in the HD engineering department working around your body. No grey area IMO. If you have to wonder, then don't buy one. :s