Adjusting the Dynatek TC88 ign.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bobby_wilson47, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I own a 2001 FLHT(ElectraGlide).
    It's modified with 95" kit, Branch heads, Andrews 560 Lift geared cams, 10.5:1 JE pistons, Makuni 42 carb, V&H Prop Pipe, high vol oil pump, Tamachi clutch, Dynatek TC88 ignition and a few other goodies.
    My question. How is the best way to program the TC88 ignition for optimum torque. I understand that using the A36 setting is closest to stock. But, this engine developes much more torque(103 lbs). So, my thinking says this is to far advance curve. I have it at B28 and no pinging. I tried B34 and it sounded like I broke something at start up! Luckly not.
    So, can someone with some background give me some tips.
    Thx, much.
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    Trying to set the Spark Curve and Timing +/- to the Spark Curve is impossible to do with out a dyno to see what the changes are doing. Most Ignition changes are subtle and can't be felt in the seat of the pants but the Dyno will show the smallest improvement so you know which way is gaining power and which adjustment lost power....once you see the power gaining you keep making adjustments in that direction until the power drops and then back it off to the last good setting...again a Dyno is the only way to see how the bike responds to the change you did, anyway other than this is just a guess.