Adjustable backrest install problems on 2006 FLHTCUI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Neal Spranger, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Neal Spranger

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    Purchased the Harley adjustable backrest and spent the last 3 hours trying to get the thing installed. My hangup is that there were no nylon washers or threaded studs sticking up out of the two holes in the fender like I see on most examples on the web. This is where I'm to mount the hardware. SO, the problem is that I cannot get the flanged bolts up under the fender, through the holes (actually on hole and a slot hole) and get them through the mount and get nuts on them because I cannot get my hand or a wrench up under the fender to reach the bolt head due to such a narrow clearance between the fender edge and the tire. I was actually able to use a small wire wrapped around the bolt to fish it through the hole, but the nuts are lock nuts so I have no way to keep the bolt from spinning when trying to get the nuts on. Sure wouldn't think I would have to remove the tire or anything. I also tried putting it on a cycle stand to let the suspension drop the tire down, but that didn't do anything. I also put 25 lbs in the shocks (max according to owner's manual) but that too did not increase the clearance between the fender and the tire. Any suggestions or similar experiences out there to share - hopefully with some advice or a sure-fire fix??? I would be grateful since it was over 70 in central wisconsin here today and I told myself I wasn't going to ride till I got the highway pegs on and the backrest!:sd
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    Put it back on the jack and remover the lower shock bolts. 3/4 wrench if I remember correctly. Jack it back up and you will have enough clearance for your hand and a stubby screwdriver.
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    First if one of the Mods. would move this to the proper area it will get more attention. Welcome to the forum. I have not installed the backrest but I have worked under the rear fender of my 05 RG. and the way I get more room is to raise the bike on a stand and place a scissors type jack under the tire. Take off the bottom bolts of both shocks and raise the bike until you have the clearance you need.

    I need to type faster. Thanks Steve
  4. Billbo

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    Neal, IF you have the bolt up through the fender - but cant hold it to put the 'lock nut' on - try this - ditch the lock nut and put on a lock washer, then a reg nut should run down pretty easy, then put on another reg nut just enough to hold with a pliers or something from the top side while you tighten the first nut down onto the lockwasher. then remove the second nut and install backrest ---

    Might work

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    Do as STEVE07 stated. You need part # 59174-99(stud plate) and 7434(plastic washer.
    they are about $3.30 for the plate and $1.57 ea. for the washers. I wouldn't drop the tire until I had the correct parts. If you just use a bolt & nut you could have problems down the road loosening the the unit back up for maint. or whatever.