adding lower driving lamps?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by broncobob, Sep 14, 2011.

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    i am looking into adding lamps on the lower crash bar on my 2007 ultra. i'm down here in florida and have taken off the lower fairings to help keep the heat down and it does help alot[ another long story]. i want to get a good set of lamps that look good and have quality construction. any body done this to their rides and if so what lamps did you use and how did you mount and run the wiring. i want to put these lamps on a separate switch to make things simple. i want them to be highly functional and give good light but also look great on the bike. looking forward to see who has done this already and what feedback you have to offer
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    There's a guy in town that has the rectangular lights on his crash bars. They look like Harley's 68913-98B fog lamps, but I don't know if they are HD. I think his lights look nice mounted there (his have the blue/green tint). I didn't notice where his switch was, but the wiring wasn't noticeable on the crash bar.
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    I know someone will want to shoot me for this but............... Ive got a set of $14.00 chrome lights from Wal-Mart. There 50 watt, work very well, just dot tell anybody that there from Wally world.
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    How did you mount them?
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    I mounted a couple of 55 watt automotive type (Dietz) halogen driving lights (not fog lights) to the engine guard bar. Sure, not fancy (and expensive) Harley driving lights but they sure light up the secondary roadways at night. They are wired to a relay which are in turn wired to come on with the two high beams. Once you use the extra lights, you'll never go back to just the stock headlight or headlights. The only problem I have with them are that they attract millions of bugs in forest areas. I enjoy riding in the cool of the night. They are "bug magnets." On last weeks ride from the Reno area to Seattle, everything facing forward forward had bug juice: Top of my helmet, windshield (obviously), fairing, struts, engine guard bars, mirrors, front of the saddlebags, and bug juice stains on the front exhaust pipe chrome. Five minutes in the hand spray wand car wash got rid of most of the bug impact points except for the exhaust pipe. The bugs cooked into the surface of the pipe and will require polish to get rid of them.

    I wouldn't recommend auxiliary halogen driving lights for a non-windshield motorcycle, unless you enjoy riding though a rain of bugs when the lights are turned on. Anybody riding past the lake north of Klamath Falls, Oregon at night knows exactly what I'm talking about. Imagine 20 plus bugs (mostly mosquitoes) per square inch accumulated in less than 10 minutes covering your bike! It was gross! During daylight riding through the forest areas with the auxiliary lights on, most of the bugs impacted my legs behind the driving lights. I'm going to try the blue halogen bulbs to see if it's a different light frequency that bugs aren't attracted to. I don't like amber colored lights.
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    Many years ago i fitted spot lamps to my then bike i mounted them on the engine bars and set the lamps to cross just at the area that the main lamp was dying this gave a really good forward light
    i took a feed directly from the main light wire through a wee switch to a relay and to ground and thick wire from the battery to the relay to the new lamps and to ground
    when main beam was on and the switch was on the spot lamps came on if i dipped the main lamp the spot lights went off
    so that it all complied with vehicle regulations in this country

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    I'm on my second set of wally world lights, although I paid $18 for this latest pair. I bought a set of Kuryakyn brackets and mounted them right under my highway pegs. I also ran the wires inside my crash bar and directly to the accessory switch. Easy to turn off and on.
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    I have the HD lights on my 06 RG and I love them, only set back is they are only wired to be used with the low beams. They work great and light up the portion of the road under the headlamps.
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    They have the chrome bracket that fits on the crash bar.. Ive ran them for two years now and I have them on all of the time, have not had any problems with them. The $14.00 kit comes with two chrome 50 watt lights, mounting hardware, a switch and a relay. I used the relay and use the acc. switch to turn them on. Ill try and post a picture for you..