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Adding forward controls


:mgunJust wanted to know who all added Forward Controls to their Nightster?

I found a set for $250, and the arrive on Monday, can't wait looking forward to adding to my bike.
I have forwards on order should be here today have plans to install tomorrow will let you know. By the way I ordered harley brand in black.
i've got the harley forward controls on my 1200R. They're not far enough for me, i'd like them out another 2-3", but much better than the mids that came stock.
Had forwards on my last two softails, very sweet. Had to redrill the bracket to mount them a tad closer for my enormous stature of 5'6". Could not find any hardware out there to bring them closer,, only hardware to extend them. :guitar
Just put on the forward controls on my Nightster. Wasen't to bad the front exhaust must come off. Also direction seems azz backwards for me & buddy trying to read them. Very satisfied with the fit and Quality having a rainy day so couldn't go for a ride ,but the garage test seems great my legs are stretched just right & i'm only 5 ft 6 .
:mgun Got my forward controls, easy install, and the look great. They took forever to get here. Got hem off of ebay and the seller posted should recieve within 6 business days took 12. Now the seller is whining because I gave them a negative feedback.
Ordered them when I bought my Nightster, dealer install. I liked the mid-controls, but I really think the forwards are going to be much better for me on the longer trips (I'm 6'0).