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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Burnster, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Burnster

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    Has anybody added cruise? I have a 05 FLHTCI. Would sure be nice to have.
  2. dfbales

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    I had a ez cruise installed on mine, not true cruise control, electric lock on the throttle that releases with ft or rear brake. saves on the wrist. has a complete houseing for switch. looks orignial
  3. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Hi Burnster;
    I have done 3 of them now. One for myself (old police bike) and two for my friends. Its very easy to do. You can buy the kit from HD and it has everything you need including the new switch housings /housing depending on the model? The newer touring models like yours already have the cruise wiring installed in the harness. You will have to insert one or two wires into the plug but its very easy if you take your time. They say that if HD hasnt' enabled the cruise feature on your computer you will have to go to dealer and get them to do it. All 3 bikes I have done had it on already so you might get lucky :D Any more questions just ask. Make sure you get the right kit for your bike. Local dealer quoted my friend on wrong one? I ordered it from Chicago HD much better price and we got right part. Hope that helps.
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    Yes I Fitted Cruise on my Street Glide for my road trips to Europe Its basically plug and play an idiot can do it! well not this idiot I fitted everything ok but it wouldn't engage so I took it to my dealership who had it for about half an hour fixed it charged me then the mechanic said all he did was unplug it and plug it in again Doh! worked ever since.
  5. Burnster

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    Sounds good, thanks Burnster

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    yeah just got kit for my 07 rk for 215 bucks on e-bay great deal since it lists for 390 in the harley catalouge had to order lower chrome switch housing and chrome buttons dealer told me about 1hr installation. I rented an ultra on vacation with cruise and had wanted to have one installed ever since but the cost was prohibitive. But when i scored a kit on e-bay for a little over 200 bucks it was go time.
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  8. Slapp

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    I added cruise just about two weeks ago. It was a simple plug and play install. Remove the screws from your switch housing follow the wire down through the fairing. Unplug old wiring harness and plug new harness in. Reinstall scews. Take bike to Dealer, you will be charged 1/2 hour labor so they can plug the bike into the computer and enable the cruise. If you decide to have the dealer do it it will be 1 1/2 hours labor.
    Just be real careful when doing the install for the little button switch for the brake light (in the housing for the brake lever) it breakes real easy and costs about 65 bucks plus an hour labor to install. It happenend to me, but dealer wrote it off as warrenty work.
    Good luck, cruise is awsome on those long rides, helps out on the hand fatige.
    As a last note you cannot set your cruise below 35 or above 85.
  9. LEOG

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    I installed one on my 06 streetglide last winter. It was a very simple operation. Buy the kit from the MoCo or on e bay and its all plug and play. Some of the best money I've spent, really worth it on the long runs. Nothing like seein John Law along the road with your cruise set knowing ya don't have to worry about it. Try it you'll like it

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