Add Ons, Parts, and Products

If you have added on things to make your bike Your Bike, or have used products made by HD, list them here.

Tell us if you liked them or not and if you would recommend them.

Harley Glaze.

Goes on easy and works well. Makes the Bike shine.

Light Trim Rings.

I have installed Headlight and Turn Signal Trim Rings, Visor style (complete ring version). Like the looks. Added real style. Easy to install.
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The parts I put on are Skull ....Grips.Pegs,Derby cover,timer cover,primary inspection cover,shift pad,and brake pad
Chrome bolt kits for the handelbars and risers..Transmission,cam cover,primary cover, forward controls,motor mounts, gas tank, rear fender struts, voltage regulator,lifter blocks and front fender
Swing arm bolt covers,swingarm inserts,headbolt covers, chrome coil cover, chrome belt cover and rocker box bolt covers
Screamin eagle mufflers license plate frame
everything was Harley Davidson and fit perfect except for a skull tank console extension that didn't even come close to fitting without major modifications
If you have added on things to make your bike Your Bike, or have used products made by HD, list them here.

Tell us if you liked them or not and if you would reccomend them.

It would be easier to just say that after $5000 add ons between my sons 07 Deuce and my 07 Heritage that every part fit like it was suppose to.
Sometimes the instructions were lacking, but they all fit.
The materials and the chrome is is top quality. Other products are well made but the HD brand takes second to none...
Some times the price is higher but with our HOG membership we get 15% off parts at our dealership year round so some items are really a better buy than other good brand names.
The swirl remover is really great with black paint...
ISO grips with throttle boss
bar abd shield shift pegs, brake peddle, floorboard inserts, fairing chrome piece, and highway pegs.
110" jugs
SE ported and flowed heads
Forged I-beam rods
Forged 10:1 pistons
SE 264 cams
Valve springs
Panhead conversion Rocker Covers
Sampson True Dual Headers
Rush Slip-ons
SE intake and AC
SE clutch and springs
Cruise control
Rear Crash Bar Bags, Fairing bags
105th Anniversery Covers and medallion collection
Gold leaf pin striping

Everything went on or in with np's other than having to have my cases bored to install the 110 juggs.

This is just on my 2008 FLHT the other 2 the list would go on forever hehe.

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Umm lets see , I got my essential package (Quick-Release Windshield, Detachable Sissy Bar Sideplates, Docking Hardware, Medallion Style Medium Low Upright, Backrest )

Engine guard

Pillow-look seat ( BTW I recommend for all whom are a bit over weight )

Heel rest

360 HWY peg mount ( verey nice for long rides)

Willi G Skull Grips, Pegs, Derby cover ,shift pad, brake pad, battery cover and the skull key .

And touring bags ( 2 bags , one big size and the other is a small day bag )

Lets see what the 2009 catalog got for my fat bob and hope it doesn’t cost a much :(
Hi. since getting my 883L in June i have added
the chrome and rubber custom footpegs - lge size
shifter peg to match
the live to ride hand grips
chrome fork stem cover
fender luggage rack
the universal luggage rack bag
the brake/signal conversion kit
the chrome hd script license plate frame
i also added a brake pedal clam shell cover to get rid of the meat cleaver appearance of the brake pedal , it isn't hd but is made by kuryakyn
i am getting more for my birthday, which was yesterday, but whatever parts my husband ordered are not in yet.
love the pegs and love the hand grips. the grips were very comfortable on our long ride we did this past week-end.
the universal bag doesn't hold it's shape very well when it is empty, is hard to get tight enough on the luggage rack so it doesn't slide around. i would recommend a stiffer material or leather bag with the d-rings on the sidesand or front for easier removal and attaching.
size wise is ok but could be a little bigger. if using for an overnight bag.
Sounds like you're getting there with the add ons :D

If you don't use the bag regularly, you can keep it in shape by stuffing it with newspaper crumpled up.
Sounds like you're getting there with the add ons :D

If you don't use the bag regularly, you can keep it in shape by stuffing it with newspaper crumpled up.

1) 2005 4.5G Fuel Tank, 2) DragSpecialties Full Seat, 3) HD Lo Sissybar w/ side plates, 4) HD Bag Guards, 5) Drag Specialties Throwover Leather Bags w/liners, 6) Stage 1 S&S A/C, 7) Modified Carb per Glider's Tips (THANKS BIG GUY!), 8) Drag Specialties 1 7/8 straight pipes w/ HD OEM stock crossover pipe - 10" baffles, 9) HD Willie G. Chrome Derby, Cam Cover, misc. accessories, 10) HD Diamondback Braided Steel Brake Lines, 11) HD Street Slammer Bar w/ Risers, 12) HD Chrome Clutch/Brake Control Group w/Billet Oval Mirrors, 13) DragSpecialties Billet Speedometer / Instrument Cluster, 14) Progressive 412 shocks, 15) Progressive Fork Springs 10W Fork Oil, 16) HD LED turnsignals/brake lights & relocated, 17) HD Chrome Oil Tank/Battery Covers, 18) HD Oil Temp Guage/Dipstick, 19) Alloy Billet Forward Controls, 20) Crash Bar w/ HD Willie G. Pegs, 21) Kuryakin Mid Control Winglet Floorboards per Hobbit' Tip (Thanks "--from 'cross the Pond", 22) Metzler Marathon Tires, 23) Kuryakin Mount (Modified) for Tom-Tom GPS (installed HD Cigar/Acc outlet), 24) Leatherworks Handlebar-Fork Mount Bag w/Tools. :newsmile093:

RichardS...yes I probably can't justify the $$$'s (won't even try) but my "Smiles per Mile" quotient is way up!...HD4Life I'm with you, this is my "Gotta Have" list...recommend 'em all highly...AND finally, yes in allegence to Smitty's bare knuckles approach I like my plain 'ol Sporty being low tech, I jus' complain a lot, after all -- have been an HDT rider/enthusiast only a short time, a guy has to know his limitations "--but an HD rider can justify just about anything...!" :bigsmiley11:
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Good question!
On my 99RK I have plenty of add ons, HHI calipers, S&S 106" stroker kit, led fuel gage, Lindby bar up front(took the rears off momma didn't like them) chrome switches, Kuryakyn panacea taillight and turn signals. The HHI rear caliper does not really work for the 99 without modifying the rear rotor! Caliper not wide enough to fit on rotor. There are other mods as well. The S&S stroker went realitively smooth.

On my Streetglide all I've bought so far is a Klockwerks windshield fit fine, 2 pocket windshield pouch slightly mushed with the klockwerks windshield, and soft lowers no problems.