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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by robermv32, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. robermv32

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    I know you've all heard this before but.....add me to the list of satisfied customers for the GEN3 system.

    First off let me tell you I have a 2010 FLHX Street glide that was stock for the first 18,000 miles. Yep, I like to ride them. After reading all the posts I could about the benefits of a TFI unit I gave the guys a call. I qualified for the military discount and was happy to purchase the Gen 3 unit just the other day. Installation was not that difficult following the steps provided, I did remove the tank just to route the cable along the backbone and out of the way. ( saw that idea in another post ). I have a service manual so it was easy to do once I ran the bike almost gas dripped. ( saw that one on another post too.) I also purchased the Stage 1 kit from my HD dealership and I already had a Thunderstick muffler from ebay.

    Ok, so the install was fairly easy...the programing of the GEN 3 is what do I think ?

    WOW. This machine has come to life. I mean she runs like a Sporster. I swear if I asked her to...she'd pull a wheelie without hesitation..Thank God I'm too old for that stuff. But WOW. Power, sound, and reduced engine heat.

    Now I know the mileage will has to... I DON"T CARE. ya hear that ? I DON'T CARE.. This machine is so much fun to ride now, I don't care. If my main concern was mileage.....I'd buy a moped. If you're considering a TFI.....JUST DO IT.

    Thanks Dobeck I'm one happy customer...
  2. glider

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    Glad to hear you like the TFI. The MPG doesn't necessarily have to drop. It depends a lot on your right wrist.:D
  3. dbmg

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    Glad to hear about another success story. Now you have a like new bike, so continued enjoyment to you.....:bigsmiley24:
  4. bcortani

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    That kool aid tastes pretty good doesn't it? lol. Love mine, think it will perform even better once i kick my stock exhaust and go to a free flo muffler.
  5. robermv32

    robermv32 Active Member

    Ah, the right wrist...So there's the culprit. After I stop having the fun maybe I'll settle down and just enjoy the reduced heat and ......the right wrist you say....I suppose I can attempt to re-train the right wrist....but not for awhile or until I get caught.....maybe then...but for now....I love that acceleration feeling, not so much going a hundred but more like zero to 60. Maybe I can re-train.....maybe I'll try that .............a little later.
  6. dbmg

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    And remember that the usage of right wrist not only equates to less MPG but, less rear tire mileage also....:33:
  7. Skoty

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    Rural Upstate... I have family in Glens Falls and Lake George. beautiful country! I say enjoy the right wrist work out!
  8. geezer

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    You might see an increase in mileage. My wife did when I put the Gen 3 on her ride.
  9. gator508

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    How did it go with the removal of the crossover line on the gas tank. Read a few threads about gas everywhere if the tank is not drained. When I installed my running lights, I was able to get my finners(ha!) underneath the tank to run the hot lead back to the accesssory plug without removing the crossover.