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    Folks, what is the best book which has H-D company accurate information and statistics? I have a pretty good H-D library, perhaps 10 books and a lot of catalogs back to early 1990's. However recently I used my reference material for the manufacturing statistics in a trivia question and lost. According to the contest judge my answer was wrong on how many 1947 Harleys were made...the total amount. I said 20,095 the winner said 20,115. (I did get the right the amount of models for that year)

    I want my library books to have the best accurate information. Don't want to miss quote things and look like an unscholarly boob, even if I am one.:bigsmiley30:

    Is there some sort of "official" H-D book?

    During the contest I searched on our beloved website for statistical info but did not seem to find anything that would help me. Hence my attempts were vain.

    Please respond.
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    Randall; I have the "Harley Davidson Data Book" by Rick Conner, by MBI Publishing Co. I added up what they have listed for 1947 production, and came up with 20,115 like your contest winner. It's an informative book, with first year, last year, model #, retail $, and even notes from company meetings. I can't say how accurate it really is, because I have also seen # differences stated on web sites. Like how close your figure was to the winner is subject to who has the "official data".
    Another good book for trivia is "What fits What", it's out of print, but you can find copies on ebay. Tells what parts are interchangeable year to year. I lent mine out, and it never made it home.
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    I remember What fits what it was like a pamphlet i may still have it. just made my brain work...
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    The Harley Davidson Motor Company An Official Eighty Year History covers alot of good info :D