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Accidental Alarm Soundings


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With your fob present, if the smart security system continues to sound, one of the following can be the cause of this.

1. Electromagnetic interference such as power lines and other electromagnetic sources can cause false triggering. Try moving the bike about 15 feet if parked and see if it changes.

2. Discharged FOB battery which should be replaced.
Battery number is a Panasonic #2030 or equivalent and gets installed with the positive (+) side down.

3. A damaged fob that would need replacing.

If arming or disarming the security system and 3 chirps are heard instead of the usual two, it indicates that the backup battery in the smart siren could need replacement.
The internal battery in the smart siren may not get a charge if the main vehicle battery is lower than 12.5 volts.
If the siren enters a self driven mode where it is powered by the units internal 9 volt battery, the turn signal lamps may alternately flash as an indication of a low battery in the siren.
If the siren has been armed in the self driven mode, the siren will alarm for 20-30 seconds and then turn off for 5-10 seconds. This alarm cycle will be repeated ten times if the siren is in the self driven mode.

If a accidental motion set off the alarm, it will sound for 30 seconds and will not rearm again.

Don forget to take the FOB with you. If you have the FOB in close proximity to the bike when stored, the bike will start for you. You will find that when you arrive at your destination without the FOB, your bike will not restart again without the FOB present. You will have to use the manual deactivation procedure posted here.
I have tried all of the above steps for disarming the alarms system. I can get to the screen which lets me change my pin, but it will not accept the new pin. Turn off the key, then back on after resetting the pin and the siren and light start going again, motor will not crank. I ran this bike just a week ago and it was fine. Battery on a tender and new batteries in both of the fobs, Went to start it today and the system goes into alarm if I leave the key on for more than a couple seconds. If I leave it on longer it goes into it's cycle of 10 alarms before it stops. I am not able to do the on/off/on/off/on left turn switch 3 and right 1 to get the present pin. it just goes right into the alarm sequence. I have done this many times in less than 2 seconds, but no go. Do you think the tssm is bad for some reason?? Help, this bike has never given me a problem. One note though, I did convert it to a trike, but have had it that way for 2 years now without this problem. 2010 heritage softtail classic 6500 miles. Helppppppp.
Are you sure the batteries are in the fob correctly? Backwards is easy and common. You say you can get to the screen to enter the new pin, is the bike alarming all this time? Then you say you can't do the on/off/on/off, I'm confused, thereby unable to help.
I had a customer with the same complaint. His fob battery was in backwards. After checking the fob batteries are you able to use the original pin?
If the first # or any # is wrong the alarm will set and you need to wait until it cycles / times out to start over.
With the fob present it shouldn't activate , if it does, flip over the battery.
The on/off/on etc. I was talking about is for getting the present pin stored in the computer. If I try to go through those steps, when I get to pushing the final (right turn signal button ) the bike just goes into alarm and the odometer does not show the stored pin. I can do the other set of steps to get to the part where you get the blank pin screen and I can put in a new pin number, but it doesn't accept it.
I have checked my batteries, they are in correctly. I can see one fob going bad, but not both of them at the same time with new batteries. But that is how it acts, it will not dissarm.

Thanks joel, but I have checked the batteries. The fob worked just last week. and I thought okay the battery has gone bad, I have changed it before when that happened. So I change the battery and nothing still works. I get my spare fob, change the battery and it too will not disarm the security system. and the system will not let me disarm it by using the turn signal method. Why would this go wonky al of a sudden. Fortunately this happened at home before I went anywhere.
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I want to thank all you guys who commented on my problem. I should have dumb (EDIT) painted on my forehead. I did as you suggested and turned the batteries in my fobs over and bike starts right up. I happened to keep the old batteries and could see where the fob's contacts left their marks on the positive side of the battery, which is opposite of how I had them installed. Good lesson to learn. Pay attention to how your fob batteries go it the fob. Duhhhh.
Thanks again everyone.
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Randy; You are not close to the first person I know to do that. I won't bother telling you who was.:rolleyes: Thanks for coming back and telling us what it was, it helps us. Now, sit back, visit often and see what else you can learn here.
Well I do appreciate all the input. I usually do all of my own work on the bike. So it was one of those things you think you know something, and you do, but fail to see the problem right there in front of you. The first thing I did when the bike would't start and the system would not un-arm was to change my fob batteries. Ha just put them in up side down... I did the trike conversion myself also. Tripple tree, fork risers, and complete Paucho rear trike kit. I enjoy working on it when I have the money.

Anyway I will do as you suggest and enjoy the forums. You are never never to old to learn ....
Good to here it was just the fob battery up side down.
My customer went through your whole senerio before he trailer'd it 30 mile off the mountain to my shop. He was here 5 minutes and we had it started, boy was he red faced.