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Accident Statistics


I had to take a test to get a license to drive the Heritage. The booklet
listed info like the percentage of motorcyle accidents that happen under
a certain speed , within so many miles of home , etc. Does anyone know
where these types of statistics are kept/available ?
Thanks for the link . May be a bit morbid but there are a few statistics I've
been wondering about.
Ride safe
Some of the statistics on motorcycles are pretty much non-sense because of the way they are calculated. Others are fairly accurate as in the ones you are talking about. The probability of an accident within say 25 miles of home on a motorcycle (or car for that matter) will be higher simply because the majority of your driving will be within that range. A lot of us use bikes as everyday drivers although we take long trips the majority of our travel is around town and short distances from town.
Statistics also do distinguish diffrent bike type Race bikes, Cruise etc.
Here in New York City I can count on hearing one accident story per day. 99.99% of the time is some yougin doing a hundred on a rice burner.