Accessory Switch and Cig lighter

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Scrounger, Aug 23, 2010.

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    So I'm putting a new inner fairing and I'm about done. That when I run into issues. When I'm putting the outer fairing on I short the cig lighter, I think I just fired it. My accessory switch on the console will not light up but my GPS which is powered off the cig lighter is working just fine. The cig lighter will not heat up however.

    I have my Hogtunes power on connected to the cig lighter too and it will not sense power to turn the amp on.

    I'm at a lose as to what would cause the accessory switch to not light up and all the fuses are not blown. I plan to replace the cig lighter tomorrow and hopefully that will solve this one since I'm at a lose.

    Any suggestions?

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    Be careful...if you are using that CIGAR LIGHTER make sure you get the CIGAR LIGHTER is all metal and has a ceramic insulator for the center button. Your lighter draws close to 20A surge when you push that popup CIGAR LIGHTER in, so it best be fused for 25-30A on a separate circuit to the battery. Use heavy wire making sure you crimp and solder with high tin-lead 70/30 or silver solder for higher melting point.

    DO NOT use the HD Accessory Receptacle, it has a fiberglass insulator which is not up to the job. That accessory switch may also be not rated high enough so again, to not expect the contacts to handle 20A. Trust me on do not want to fry your in fairing wiring or create an electrical fire (confined wires in a harness are MORE prone to fire and damage if overcurrent happens). Wire your other low current accessories to the Accessory Plug using the HD siamise accessory Y adapter, no cutting or splicing necessary!
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    I'm just picking power up from the back of the cig lighter not adding a new one or anything. I just can't figure ut why it has no power and the acc switch is not powering up at all.
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    Careful not to burn up that pretty bike:s